by George Heymann

T-Mobile pushing out HTC Sensation 4G update

by George Heymann

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T-mobile has released a new software update updating the firmware version to 1.50.531.31. The update includes several features and improvements. According to the most recent change log the update includes:

 New Features

  • Software stability
  • Improved battery life


  • Improvements to Trace dictionary
  • Screen  unresponsiveness resolved
  • Device taking screen shots resolved
  • Lock screen shifted up resolved
  • Icon pixilation  resolved
  • Improved Wi-Fi  connection
  • Green lines on  photo resolved

If you don’t want to wait for the OTA update notification you can check for the update manually. From the home screen, press the menu key, then about phone, select the HTC software update then ‘check’. Follow the on-screen prompts, the phone will verify the download then flash the new firmware. Wait for the update to complete and your phone will restart after the updates to Android 2.3.4 /software version 1.50.531.1 are installed.

I haven’t noticed any appreciable difference in performance since installing the latest update.

Source: T-Mobile

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Three signature Google apps: Google+, Google Maps and Google Goggles updated today.

Three of Googles signature apps were updated today. The updates include some enhancements several new features, as well as the requisite bug fixes. A recap of each applications change log is included below:

Google Maps What’s New:

What’s in this version:

  1. 6.0.1

  2. Bug fixes for certain newer devices

  3. 6.0.0

  4. Indoor maps (beta) are now available for select airports, shopping malls, and more. Learn more at

  5. Menu added to the top toolbar for easy switching between common features.

  6. Updated home screen for Places, now with popular searches based on your location.

  7. Option to disable automatic screen dimming for Navigation.

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Quick Look: Nclip Notification Maker for Android by HavMedia

by George Heymann

Nclip Notification Maker allows you to create custom notifications using the clipboard contents or your own custom message. The Nclip home screen is broken down into three main sections, clipboard, custom, and settings.

In the clipboard section you can paste any text which you have saved to the clipboard to display as a notification. The custom section allows you to type in any information you want displayed as a notification and settings allows you to designate a reminder as ongoing which prevents it from being accidentally removed when you clear your other notifications.

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Some Dell Streak 7 WiFi owners starting to receive 3.2 upgrade to Honeycomb

It appears that some Dell Streak 7 (WiFi) owners have received an update to Android 3.2 Honeycomb in advance of the rumored October 7th release date.

As expected the update is said to factory wipe all data prior to the Honeycomb installation. The update appears to be rolling out slowly, I’m still waiting for the update for my tablet.

Early reports from users who have received the update on the Dell support forums have indicated problems with using the menu key on the home screen after the update. Others have indicated that the Dell 7-inch, 800×480 is inadequate for Honeycomb, explaining that the screen is too cramped.

We will report back once we receive the upgrade.

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Review: SPB Shell 3D home screen replacement for Android

by George Heymann

SPB Shell 3D is based on the SPB Mobile Shell product line for Windows Mobile and Symbian.

My first impression of the interface is that it’s very fluid and intuitive. I was able to navigate the interface add apps, widgets as well as adding, deleting and re-ordering screens within the first few minutes of use. The UI is beautiful to look at and has a visceral quality that makes it hard to put down.

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Preview: SPB Shell 3D homescreen replacement

by George Heymann

SPB Software has launched “SPB Shell 3D” home screen replacement in the Android Marketplace .

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Launcher Pro V0.8.4 is now available in the Android Market

by George Heymann

Launcher Pro V0.8.4 is now available in the Android Market. Launcher Pro developer Frederico Carnales announced that this is not the promised complete rewrite but rather an update that addresses some Gingerbread fixes as well as some performance improvements and additions.

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