by George Heymann

Quick Look: Bolt brings Android browsing to the cloud

by George Heymann

I’ve been playing with a host of third party mobile browsers but always seem to come back to the stock Android browser. Two days ago an innovative browser by Bitstream called ‘Bolt’ came out of beta and is now available in the Android Market.

There is a lot to like about the Webkit based Bolt browser. I particularly like the way it renders web pages, the pages look similar to how they appear on my desktop browser. However, I’ve had some issues with some pages not rendering correctly when I try to tap to zoom in on a section of the web page. Parts of page overlay others making the type unreadable until you manually adjust the page.

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McAfee report shows significant growth for malware on mobile platforms

by John Roberts

Technology Market 

The research by McAfee shows that 2011 has also had the busiest ever first half-year in malware history,

New research shows that the amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76 percent since last quarter, making Android the most attacked mobile operating system.

including a first-ever appearance of Mac fake AV and a significant uptick in rootkits.

“This year we’ve seen record breaking numbers of malware, especially on mobile devices, where the uptick is in direct correlation to popularity,” said Vincent Weafer, senior vice president of McAfee Labs.

“Overall attacks are becoming more stealth and more sophisticated, suggesting that we could see attacks that remain unnoticed for longer periods of time. High-profile hacktivist groups have also changed the landscape by drawing a line between attacks for personal gain and attacks meant to send a message.”

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Mobile security software will be essential for smartphone users in the near future

by George Heymann

It’s unfortunate but the time is rapidly approaching where installing some type of mobile security software will be essential to the operation of a smartphone. Several well publicized security breaches in the news recently including attacks on Sony, Citibank, Discover have security and malware on the radar for many consumers.

On the mobile side, Google has had to remove dozens of malware applications that were introduced to the Android Market. iOS has been affected to a lesser degree but hasn’t been immune from Malware. Security experts Stonesoft and McAfee are both forecasting that sophisticated malware attacks to iOS will increase as mobile continues to grow and additional attention is focused on popular smartphones.

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Five 800×480 wallpaper/lock-screen collections by XDA developer members

By George Heymann

Here are links to five 800×480 wallpaper/lock-screen collections posted by various XDA Developer members. You must register on their site in order to download the collections. Read the rest of this entry »

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Canalys analysis of smartphone market shows Google Android as the world’s leading smartphone platform.

by George Heymann

Canalys published its fourth-quarter smartphone market data report which revealed that Google’s Android has become the leading global smartphone platform. Canalys data showed that Google had shipped 33.3 million units in Q4 2010 growing at an impressive 615% rate for the quarter.

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Angry Birds Seasons edition

Angry Birds holiday edition, ‘Angry Birds Seasons,’ is now available for download from the Android Marketplace and the Apple App Store. The ‘Seasons’ edition features Christmas-themed levels and music, as well as all the levels from the previously released ‘Angry Birds Halloween’ edition. Read the rest of this entry »

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Worldwide smartphone market grows 95% in Q3 2010

The worldwide smart phone market grew 95 percent over the same quarter a year ago to an estimated 80.9 million units shipped in the third quarter, according to Canalys estimates.

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Waze crowdsourced navigation app provides cross-platform GPS support!

by George Heymann

Waze is a free, crowd-sourced GPS driving assistant. It provides turn-by-turn navigation that integrates social networking (Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare) as part of its core functions. Waze is cross-platform compatible offering free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry.

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