by George Heymann

Android App Round-Up!

Android Apps worth a look!

by George Heymann | @techeadlines


I wanted to share some of my favorite Android applications that have made it to my smartphones homescreen. I’ll try to make this a regular feature and highlight apps you might not have noticed that are worth a look:

Spare Phone: Spare Phone formerly gVoice is a $1.99 Android VoIP app developed by guidology that allows you to use your data connection (WiFi, 3G, 4G,EVDO) to place voice calls using a Google Voice Account. gVoice essentially turns your phone or tablet into a free wireless phone when using the application over WiFi.

Plume: Plume formerly Touiteur is highly customizable Twitter client that has many desirable features including the ability to colorize your timeline, pull to refresh your timeline, handle multiple twitter accounts, picture preview, autocomplete Twitter hashtags, the ability to mute select users and much more it is my current Twitter client of choice. There is a free ad-supported version of Plume as well as a premium ad-free version of Plume available for $4.99.

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gVoice is an Android Google Voice VoIP Client that uses your data connection to place and receive calls.

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

gVoice is a $4.99 Android VoIP app developed by guidology that allows you to use your data connection (WiFi, 3G, 4G,EVDO) to place voice calls using a Google Voice Account. gVoice essentially turns your phone or tablet into a free wireless phone when using the application over WiFi.

The phone can also be configured to use a 3G, 4G or EVDo data connection but it must be noted the gVoice app uses approximately 1.2 MB of data per minute during a call which can be very costly if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. From the main gVoice dialing screen, press menu then tap the settings menu. The settings menu will let you configure the application to enable WiFi calling as well as options to enable 3G/4G VoIP calling.

I’ve tried using gVoice with several Android Smartphones and tablets without any major problems. In each case after installing the application and entering my Google Voice credentials the application connected with my account and I was able place and receive calls, even on my WiFi only HTC Flyer tablet.

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Motorola Triumph review

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

Looking for a mid-range Android smartphone that won’t break the bank? Then the Motorola Triumph deserves your consideration. This smartphone which retails for just under $300 off-contract is powerful enough to tempt those looking to save money on their cellular bills into using a prepaid phone and service.

The CDMA phone which is being offered by Virgin Mobile USA can be paired with one of its relatively inexpensive Beyond Talk plans. These Virgin Mobile plans all feature unlimited web, messaging and email. The $35 per month plan includes 300 anytime minutes, another $10 per month buys you 1200 anytime minutes and the $55 per month plan buys you unlimited minutes along with unlimited data.

The Triumph features a 1GHz processor, 4.1” (800×480) WVGA touchscreen, 5MP rear camera with a VGA front-facing camera, 720P HD camcorder with HDMI output, 3G connectivity, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, micro USB, Bluetooth 2.1 and full Android Market application support without any third party overlays like Motoblur. The Triumph includes 512 MB Ram and 2 GB of internal memory and includes a 2GB Micro-SD card which is expandable up to 32GB.

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Avast! Mobile Security for Android is here!

by George Heymann

Avast Mobile Security software came out of beta yesterday and is now available as a free download from the Android Market. The avast! Application features full-featured antivirus and anti-theft security software for your Android phone.

The program helps protect personal data by automating virus scans and providing automated alerts when browsing potentially harmful sites. Even if you believe that anti-virus software for Android is a solution searching for a problem. The avast! Application provides excellent anti-theft features that allow you to activate security features remotely using SMS commands to control GPS tracking, phone locking, wiping, audio monitoring and a host of other useful features.

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Shopping choices get easier

by George Heymann


Expect to see big crowds out shopping for e-readers or tablet computers this holiday season.

The flurry of product announcements from Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble is revving customer interest in devices that already are hot sellers.

I get asked all of the time for recommendations for both e-readers and tablets.

My answer usually begins with at least two additional questions:

What do you want to do with it?

How much money do you want to spend?

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Republic Wireless launches unlimited talk, text and web plan for $19 a month

by George Heymann


A couple of days ago I read about Republic Wireless, a company which is a division of that was planning to offer customers an unlimited talk, text and web plan for $19 a month without a contract, roaming or early termination fees. My first reaction to the news, What’s the catch?

According to Republic Wireless, the catch is you! Let me explain, The Republic Wireless service relies heavily on WiFi as the backbone of its phone service. Republics research shows that most people are around WiFi networks 60% of the time and the trend is growing.

Whenever possible the Android based LG Optimus phone uses WiFi to send and receive calls, surf the web or send text messages. The phone uses technology called Voice over IP (VOIP) to route calls over the internet instead of the cellular network. Similar technology is being employed by home phone service providers Vonage and Xfinity to route calls over the internet, except the Republic Wireless service is mobile.

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JooJoo successor Grid-10 tablet computer launched by Fusion Garage

by John Roberts

Technology Market

Fusion Garage, the company behind the Linux-based JooJoo tablet, launched the innovative Grid-10 tablet computer while also revealing itself as the brand behind TabCo, the parody company that captured industry and consumer attention over the past eight weeks. The Grid-10 is Fusion Garage’s second generation tablet and brings a host of new features to the tablet market including a new operating system, a dynamic user interface based on the semantic web that offers “predictive intelligence” and the highest resolution display available.

On the same global webcast, Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan demonstrated the Grid-4 smart phone, a standalone smart phone that also works in tandem with the Grid-10 tablet. The Grid-4 and Grid-10 take advantage of the company’s new Seamless State capability. Seamless State lets users consume content on a Grid-10, pause, and pick up that same content exactly where they left off while switching to the Grid-4.

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Quick Look: Bolt brings Android browsing to the cloud

by George Heymann

I’ve been playing with a host of third party mobile browsers but always seem to come back to the stock Android browser. Two days ago an innovative browser by Bitstream called ‘Bolt’ came out of beta and is now available in the Android Market.

There is a lot to like about the Webkit based Bolt browser. I particularly like the way it renders web pages, the pages look similar to how they appear on my desktop browser. However, I’ve had some issues with some pages not rendering correctly when I try to tap to zoom in on a section of the web page. Parts of page overlay others making the type unreadable until you manually adjust the page.

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Apple iTunes 10.5 available now, iOS 5 tomorrow

by George Heymann

Apple released iTunes 10.5 today in advance of the iOS 5 release that is slated for tomorrow. New in iTunes, are cloud services that wirelessly push purchases made on one device to all your other devices.

It also enables you to view your previous purchase history and download any past song, TV show, app or book from the App store or the iTunes store. Alternatively if you don’t want to automatically download everything you buy to every device, you can selectively choose just the things you want to download to each device.

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According to a recent comScore report iOS drives more web traffic despite smaller installed base.

Although the Android Platform has the largest OS market share by installed base, 43.7 percent in August. The iOS platform had the highest share of mobile connected devices 43.1 percent compared to Androids 34.1 percent.

The difference is largely attributed to the iPads dominance in the tablet market.

“The iOS platform also accounts for the largest share of Internet traffic, measured in terms of browser-based page views, in the U.S. at present. When measuring market share of Internet traffic by platform, iOS accounted for more than half (58.5 percent) of the share of total non-computer traffic in the U.S.

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