by George Heymann

Google Play 49 cent premium app promotion launched today!

by George Heymann | @techeadlines

Google Play launched a special “Play 49 cents Apps” promotion today. The promotion features 25 premium apps for just 49 cents per app in celebration of the rebranded Android Market, Google Play.

Todays Featured apps include: (03/06/2012)

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SuperOneClick upgraded to V2.3.3 released provides 1-click root/unroot for most Android handsets!

Senior Xda-developer member CLShortFuse continues to improve his excellent Android app SuperOneClick. SuperOneClick provides a one-click root/unroot that works on most Android handsets/OS versions. The file size for the latest version (2.3.3) jumped up to 10mb and now integrates the driver installation. The driver folder is now included with the latest ADB drivers from Google

You MUST put your phone in USB debugging mode and make sure you DO NOT mount your SD card. Go to “settings>applications>development” to select “USB debugging.” You can download a copy of the latest version of SuperOneClick from XDA-developers here. You must register on the XDA site in order to download the file.

(Additional download links and revision history after the break.) 

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RIM wants to make up, offering $100 worth of premium apps to customers following service disruptions

Rim announced yesterday it would offer a selection of premium apps worth more than $100 free of charge to customers in appreciation for users patience during the recent service disruptions. The apps will be made available on Blackberry App World starting October 19 and are slated to be available until December 31, 2011.

“Our global network supports the communications needs of more than 70 million customers,” said RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. “We truly appreciate and value our relationship with our customers.  We’ve worked hard to earn their trust over the past 12 years, and we’re committed to providing the high standard of reliability they expect, today and in the future.”

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Quick Look: GetJar a third party Android App Store that features free downloads of premium apps.

by George Heymann

One of the things that I appreciate about Android is the freedom to choose. When selecting an Android handset you can choose the device form factor, screen type and size, launcher, keyboard options, manufacturer even custom roms.

Besides hardware choices we have the freedom to install software from whomever or wherever we choose. Besides the official Android Marketplace which continues to improve there are two other App Store that have found their way onto my phone, the Amazon AppStore and GetJar.

This is a quick look at GetJar a third party AppStore that features a selection of paid Android Applications for free download. To download the GetJar AppStore to your phone go to on your phone, select quick download at the bottom of the screen and enter the code they provide.

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Apple dominates mobile app space with content while Android aims for numbers

by John Roberts


To say the app market is exploding would be an understatement. By the time you finish reading this press release another 100,000 apps will have been downloaded and $150,000 spent. According to a new app storefront forecast published by Strategy Analytics, Apps, Apps Everywhere: The Billion Dollar Industry, the app economy is strong and getting stronger as paid downloads are expected to drive nearly $2 billion per quarter by the end of 2012.

Driving more paid downloads, higher ASPs, and more total apps than any other platform, Apple remains king of the app economy through 2012. The Android Market is poised to overtake the Apple App Store in quarterly volume by the end of 2012, and Android generally will do so even sooner with additional assistance from third party distribution outlets such as the Amazon App Store, GetJar, Nook and others.

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Virtual currencies proving popular with gamers

by A. Montaqim

Technology Market

The presence of virtual currencies within games is one of the main reasons behind the popularity and monetization success of in-app purchases, according to new research by Distimo. “Some 35% of the 300 most popular free games in June use some sort of virtual currencies to monetize in the Apple App Store for iPhone,” it said.

Distimo’s report covers the Apple App Store for iPad, Apple App Store for iPhone, Apple Mac App Store, BlackBerry App World, GetJar, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog, and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace in the United States in June 2011.

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Android apps to Eclipse iOS by August. Welcome your robot overlords, resistance is futile!

by George Heymann

The two most recent reports analyzing application market trends provided by app research specialist Distimo and research2guidance concur that Android apps should surpass iOS by August.

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Unrooting and updating the Nook Color

by George Heymann

Barnes and Noble recently released a firmware update for the Nook color which added several new features. The latest firmware V1.2.0 upgrades the Color Nook to Android 2.2 Froyo and adds an integrated Nook email client, an enhanced web browser with Flash and access to a limited curated Barnes and Noble app store as well as other enhancements.

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