by George Heymann

Tagg GPS tracking for your Pets

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

Tagg is a pet tracking system developed by Snaptracs Inc., a Qualcomm company that uses GPS technology to help you locate your pet if it becomes lost or stolen. The lightweight GPS Tag attaches to the pets collar with a two piece clip and its waterproof design allows it to be worn at all times.

The Tagg system appearsto be simple to set-up, first set-up an account at , once you receive the Tagg pet tracker activate it, it will be associated with your online account, then setup your Tagg zone.

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Soldiers Angels conducts online fundraising utilizing social media to help provide laptops and more for wounded troops.

by George Heymann

Soldiers’ Angels is a volunteer-based non-profit established in 2003. They specialize in providing aid to members of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, as well as veterans and military families.

Its latest fundraising effort “Project Valour-IT” utilizes Facebook, Twitter and other social media to help raise money and awareness for the needs of wounded troops. Project Valour-IT features an online competition where “virtual teams” named for U.S. Military branches use traditional media outlets to spread the word. The goal is to to raise at least $100,000 through October 2011.

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Where’s the Cache?

by Deb Grymkoski (aka Grymreaper)

I look all around, and check once more to see if anyone is coming up behind me. The coast is clear, for now. Only one young woman walking her dog about 100 yards away, and she’s not paying me any attention. Got to move quickly, before anyone else comes by. Quietly, slowly, I reach around behind the stone wall and find what I came for. With another quick glance to assure I’m alone, I quickly make the swap and jot down a few words. One more time I reach around the wall, and just as a laughing couple comes pouring out of a door onto the sidewalk, I casually get back on the path and walk away, smiling.

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Snuko: Smartphone anti-theft and mobile tracking for Android and Blackberry

by Mai Tao

Technology Market

Snuko Anti-Theft for mobile offers the most comprehensive solution for loss or theft of your smartphone. When we switch on the news or pick up a paper all we seem to read about is the latest smartphone or whether or not Apple is tracking your every move on the iPhone. These devices are becoming a part of our everyday lives and we rely more and more on the features they offer and the apps we have installed.

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Amazon trade-in program now includes electronics!

by George Heymann

Amazon recently expanded its trade-in program to include electronics. Customers can trade in many items, including tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS devices and more.

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Google Maps Navigation now uses real-time traffic conditions to automatically route you around traffic.

by George Heymann

Traffic congestion is usually not a major concern on my daily commute, but now Google Maps navigation will automatically route me around traffic whenever the need arises.

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Foodspotting a visual guide to good food and where to find it.

by George Heymann

Foodspotting bills itself as a visual guide to good food and where to find it. For the most part, Foodspotting delivers.

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Launch day for the T-Mobile HTC MyTouch 4G!

by George Heymann

November 3rd was Launch Day for the T-Mobile HTC MyTouch 4G, the second phone capable of 4G speeds on the expanding HSPA+ T-Mobile network.

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Waze crowdsourced navigation app provides cross-platform GPS support!

by George Heymann

Waze is a free, crowd-sourced GPS driving assistant. It provides turn-by-turn navigation that integrates social networking (Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare) as part of its core functions. Waze is cross-platform compatible offering free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry.

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