by George Heymann

Stick it, Lean it, Wrap it, Shoot it, Attach it with Capta

by George Heymann


Capta is a multi-function smartphone accessory that works as a stand in both horizontal and vertical orientation as well as a tripod mount. The anodized brushed aluminum accessory was developed by Bojan Smiljanic and Adewale Adelusi-Adeluyi two freelance designers who work under the auspice of Unique Design (UD).

Unique Design is now looking for supporters to launch Capta on the Kickstarter website to bring the product to market. The stated goal of Unique Design is to create simple functional products.

“With the form factor and technology of smartphones always changing we designed Capta to be the hybrid accessory that could keep up with those changes. For example for iPhone users regardless of generation, Capta replaces the iPhone tripod mount, iPhone stand and iPhone cable management with one simple device. Capta has exceeded our original expectations and when paired with a suction cup or tripod mount the uses increase exponentially. We are humbled by how versatile Capta truly is, stated Smiljanic.

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Mobile security software will be essential for smartphone users in the near future

by George Heymann

It’s unfortunate but the time is rapidly approaching where installing some type of mobile security software will be essential to the operation of a smartphone. Several well publicized security breaches in the news recently including attacks on Sony, Citibank, Discover have security and malware on the radar for many consumers.

On the mobile side, Google has had to remove dozens of malware applications that were introduced to the Android Market. iOS has been affected to a lesser degree but hasn’t been immune from Malware. Security experts Stonesoft and McAfee are both forecasting that sophisticated malware attacks to iOS will increase as mobile continues to grow and additional attention is focused on popular smartphones.

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Five 800×480 wallpaper/lock-screen collections by XDA developer members

By George Heymann

Here are links to five 800×480 wallpaper/lock-screen collections posted by various XDA Developer members. You must register on their site in order to download the collections. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mobile OS Roundup!

Regardless of your mobile preference 2010 is going to be a very good year!  Most platforms are planning to release major OS updates sometime this year.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of features but a summary of key changes or enhancements planned for each platform. In many cases this is pre-release information so the features are subject to change or may not be included in the final release software.

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Must have mobile apps list!

With the iPhone app store heading towards the 200,000 application mark and other platforms with thousands of applications to choose from do you find yourself suffering from application overload? Most phones come with a basic set of applications to handle day to day tasks. Outside of the phone application itself starter apps usually include a contact manager, email program, messaging application, maps and calender.

With so many other applications to choose from where do you go next? Let me get you off to a great start by sharing my current must have list of mobile applications.

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Hp to Acquire Palm for 1.2 Billion!

HP and Palm entered into an agreement where HP will purchase Palm for $5.70 a share approximately 1.2 billion. The most exciting part of the announcement for me is that HP intends to move forward with Palm WebOS not only in mobile phones but across multiple mobile connected devices.

HP WebOS Slate anyone? Line forms here! See the HP news release here.

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WebOS for Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus expected to start rolling out today!

Update WebOS for Verizon downloading as of 04/28/10 10:27 pm MDT

Verizon is expected to start rolling out the WebOS today. From the PDF improvements include:

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Amazon has teamed up with Verizon Wireless to present what arguably is this years most exciting smartphone offer!

The offer includes a Palm Pre Plus smartphone for 1 cent  ($549 retail without a contract) in exchange for signing a 2 year service contract. As if that wasn’t incentive enough Verizon will waive the $40 monthly fee to turn your Palm Pre Plus or Palm Pixi Plus into a 3G mobile hotspot. The hotspot software allows your Pre to connect up to five Wifi enabled devices. A great way to provide Internet access to your new iPad, netbook or notebook while on the road. The data plan for the phone is unlimited but the hotspot service has a 5gb cap after which you are charged for the overage.

Check the site for costs and additional details!

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