by George Heymann

Androidify receives a fashion update including a bunch of new winter gear.

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

We have covered Androidify and some related services before, for those that are unfamiliar with the popular Google Android app it helps you create a personalized Android Avatar by customizing the little green Android mascot and turning it into your Android alter-ego.

The latest update to the application allows you to dress up your Robot avatar with host of new winter gear. Some of the additions include mittens, skis, antlers, sweaters, 2012 party glasses and more! You can download the latest Androidify update from the Android Market

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Google Maps updated to 5.11, features include reduced map storage size, ICS NFC support, UI tweaks

Google recently updated its Maps app to version 5.11, the updated version which is available now on the Android Market takes up less storage than before. Maps are available for specific screen resolutions so users with low resolution screen handsets no longer need to download maps that are optimized for a high-resolution display.

In addition, Google has introduced minor changes to some screen elements, the zoom buttons, have a slightly different appearance. They are now square, stacked vertically on the bottom right of the screen. I use Google Maps daily and didn’t notice the subtle changes. Thanks to those of you that noticed.

Google also changed the NFC permissions, reportedly to support the beaming feature in the upcoming release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Samsung Vibrant Froyo upgrade coming to T-Mobile January 21

by George Heymann

T-Mobiles chief marketing office Cole Brodman confirmed an Android 2.2 (Froyo) upgrade was coming to the Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S starting January 21, according to a PC Magazine report.

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Google Maps updated to 4.5.1, Maps Live Wallpaper now includes weather!

Did you notice Google latest update for Google Maps for Android? It’s been recently updated to 4.5.1. The obvious change is the inclusion of weather for the maps live wallpaper. Google may have also tweaked the existing Walking Navigation Beta and the search filter (results by distance or ratings), as they are listed as “NEW” in this update.

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Google voice app gets updated with widgets.

Google added widgets for its Voice application that adds fast access to the full Android App as well as one-click connection to four of its most common functions.

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt running out of superlatives for Android!

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was gushing in response to questions about how we should think about Android . In an effort to make clear just how happy Google was with Android Schmidt remarked:

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Android 3.0 aka “Gingerbread” -What’s in there?-

With the official Froyo OTA update just being released for the Nexus One there’s already a lot of speculation around the web about what lays in store for the next version of the Android operating system v3.0 codenamed “Gingerbread”. Along with the speculation, I’ve added supporting comments or quotes where I have found them. Where you see (TH) that will be our take on the rumors.  ***Latest Update  07/14/10***

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Official Nexus One Froyo OTA FRF85B now available!

This topic has been consolidated into a single post, click here for the latest information. Just received the official Nexus One Froyo 2.2 OTA (FRF85B) update. For those of you still waiting here is the latest on the OTA update from the official Google Blog. It upgrades the baseband to Kernal Version android-build@apa26#1. The official update installed without any problem over the previous unofficial builds I had installed before. Will updated this post with any changes from previous builds if any as they are discovered. Update(s) after the break.

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Google TV!

After watching the Google I/O conference back in May I was very impressed with Google especially with regard to Android developments and Google TV. With regard to Google TV they released a short (2:21) video today that does a pretty good job of explaining how it’s to work. Video after the break.

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