by George Heymann

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S III rumor, iPhone 5 coming in June? UK Carriers begin selling the HTC One X and S.

Smartphone Briefs

by Chris Coleman| @PhoneKnack

The latest rumor making the rounds around the Internet is that Samsung is including a Super AMOLED Plus display which would allow the Galaxy S III to showcase its 4.65inch screen at 720p HD resolution. You may be wondering what in the world a smartphone 720p HD display even looks like, well here is a side by side comparison.

The difference between the two is very clear and quite stunning.

With that being said, we can most likely expect the Samsung Galaxy III to be hitting stores sometime in May as AsiaE has reported that carrier testing is currently underway.

Are you ready for the Samsung Galaxy III? We know we are.

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iPhone 5 design rumors, your chance to win a Lumia 800 from Nokia, HTC X looking to steal the show at MWC

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

With Mobile World Congress (MWC) rapidly approaching phone leaks abound, MWC is the perfect stage for companies to unveil their products. According to the latest unsubstantiated rumors the iPhone 5 is slightly taller and wider than the 4 and 4S. The front facing camera is also higher resolution on the iPhone 5.

Is Apple looking to shape-up the front facing camera game on smartphones? If these rumors are true, we are on the edge of our seats awaiting further details about the iPhone 5.

If you head on over to Nokia’s Facebook page you will see a contest to win a white Nokia Lumia 800. The game is simple, upon opening the page, you will have 60 seconds to catch a white tile by clicking on it. After catching the tile a score will be displayed and you will be asked to enter your info for a chance to win.

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Titan II and Lumia 900 set launch date, Xbox games coming to other platforms? Google Music Updated

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

AT&T is hitting the ground running in 2012, opening the year with two Windows Phones. Both the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900 are hitting shelves on March 18th. The HTC Titan II can be yours for $199.99 on a new two-year contract. It features a whooping 4.7 inch screen, a 16megapixel camera, 1.5 GHz processor, and will run on AT&T’s LTE(4G) network. The Nokia Lumia 900 on the other hand will be only $99.99 but still gives the Titan II a run for it’s money. The Lumia has a slightly smaller 4.3 inch screen, with a 8megapixel camera on the back, and a 1.4 GHz processor, however, it has a larger battery compared to the Titan II. Like the Titan II, the Lumia is also compatible with AT&T’s LTE(4G) network.

This year is starting off very well for Microsoft and their Windows Phone line, look for them to continue to make a push in the smartphone market throughout the rest of this year

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Carrier IQ, what is it? How to check if its installed on your Android smartphone

by George Heymann


Carrier IQ, Inc. is a privately owned software company which has recently received a great deal of media scrutiny regarding its “diagnostics software” that has been embedded in millions of subscribers’ phones. The software was designed to gather and analyze data in order to diagnose potential problems and help identify solutions.

The controversy regarding the Carrier IQ software first received media attention when researcher Trevor Eckhart of reported that Carrier IQ was logging information, including keystroke logs without notifying users or allowing them to opt-out. Carrier IQ initially responded by issuing a cease and desist order to Mr. Eckhart that suit was subsequently withdrawn by Carrier IQ Inc. CEO Larry Lenhart after the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( interceded on his behalf.

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T-Mobile pushing out HTC Sensation 4G update

by George Heymann

Technology Headlines

T-mobile has released a new software update updating the firmware version to 1.50.531.31. The update includes several features and improvements. According to the most recent change log the update includes:

 New Features

  • Software stability
  • Improved battery life


  • Improvements to Trace dictionary
  • Screen  unresponsiveness resolved
  • Device taking screen shots resolved
  • Lock screen shifted up resolved
  • Icon pixilation  resolved
  • Improved Wi-Fi  connection
  • Green lines on  photo resolved

If you don’t want to wait for the OTA update notification you can check for the update manually. From the home screen, press the menu key, then about phone, select the HTC software update then ‘check’. Follow the on-screen prompts, the phone will verify the download then flash the new firmware. Wait for the update to complete and your phone will restart after the updates to Android 2.3.4 /software version 1.50.531.1 are installed.

I haven’t noticed any appreciable difference in performance since installing the latest update.

Source: T-Mobile

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Music Purchases are going live in the Android Market mobile app for some U.S. users

by George Heymann


I’ve seen posts today that the music purchases had gone live in the Android Market app for some U.S. users . Unfortunately, I could not see the music tab in the Market app installed on my HTC Sensation 4G app despite it being upgraded to the latest version.

If you’ve already updated to 3.3.11 and still don’t have the music tab don’t despair, the solution may be as simple as flushing the cache and clearing the data for the Android Market app.

From your phones home screen, hit the menu key and select settings. Tap manage applications, select the “All” tab and scroll down till you see Market and select that. Select clear cached, then clear data. Exit the manage application menu and return to the Android home screen. Click on the Android Marketplace app and accept the terms of service.

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HTC promises to upgrade as many devices as possible to Ice Cream Sandwich

HTC latest status update on its Facebook page promises to upgrade as many existing HTC devices as possible to Ice Cream Sandwich. No details on specific devices or timing of the pending updates.

Via: HTC Facebook Page

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Quick Look: D30 band case, high impact protection for your smartphone

by George Heymann

D30 cases for sensitive electronics are being introduced by a number of manufacturers. D30 is an innovative material that in its normal state is soft and pliable, but when exposed to shock the molecules lock together to absorb and disperse energy before almost instantly returning to its flexible state.

The materials ability to function as an shock absorber make it ideal for applications like smartphone cases. After doing some research on D30, see our story ‘D30, science fiction meets reality!‘, I decided to pick up D30 Band case for my smartphone from T-Mobile.

The case looks similar to an Apple bumper cases for the iPhone 4, a simple rubber band encircles the phone with the customary cutouts for access to headphone jack, usb ports etc… The configuration varies to match the smartphone it is designed for.

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Tablet shipments to reach 253m by 2016 as new vendors converge on sector, says Juniper Research

by Anna Schmidt

Technology Market

A new report by analyst firm Juniper Research forecasts that tablet shipments will reach 253 million by 2016, nearly a five-fold increase from the 55.2 million tablets the company expects to reach the market in 2011.

With a second generation of Apple’s iPad hitting the market earlier this year, other smartphone vendors have followed suit: HTC, LG, Motorola and RIM launched first generation models in 2011. As other opportunities elsewhere in the PC market diminish, leading players from this space – including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Toshiba – are also joining the fray.

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Does Google want Motorola only for its patents, or is there something else?

by John Roberts

Technology Market

Google‘s decision to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion is seen by many as the search giant’s attempt to get its hands on thousands of valuable patents. But is there another reason?

Motorola Mobility currently holds some 17,000 patents and has another 7,500 pending – all of which will be Google‘s to play with once the deal goes through.

However, Google‘s decision could also be a sign that Internet company is determined to establish itself in the smartphone market.

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