by George Heymann

Serious about Sirius!

SiriusXM satellite radio is music — and much more — to your ears.

This story was featured in the Business section of todays Pueblo Chieftain

by George Heymann| @techeadlines

Sirius is over 140 channels of commercial-free music, news, talk, sports and entertainment as well as traffic and weather, all available where you want it, whether it be your car, home, smartphone or laptop.

Sirius was officially launched in July of 2002 but what makes Sirius XM worth having is its premium audio content. Sirius XM Radio has content relationships with a diverse group of personalities and artists, including Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and others. For the sports fan, Sirius XM Radio is the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the NFL, Major League Baseball, Nascar, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour and major college sports.

You can download a channel guide with a complete list of programming at .

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BlackBerry 10 Coming This Fall? RAZR Maxx Making It’s Way Across The Pond, New Droid Incredible 4G Pops Out Of Thin Air

Smartphone Briefs

by Chris Coleman@PhoneKnack

RIM has been mum on details concerning BlackBerry 10 but a recently leaked roadmap has shined a little light on subject. No official date has been released or announced but by looking at the roadmap we can see what RIM has in mind for upcoming BlackBerry releases and then play the guessing game as to when we should see BlackBerry 10.

I foresee RIM releasing BlackBerry 10 sometime in October or November based off previously stated timeframes for it’s release. This is purely speculation but I imagine that RIM does not want to get overshadowed by the release of the new iPhone which will most likely be making a late sumer/fall debut as well.

For those UK fans who have been patiently waiting for Motorola to give you an official taste of the latest Droid action, your prays have finally been answered. Motorola has announced that the Droid RAZR Maxx will be available sometime in May, but UK customers can begin to pre-order now.

The specs for the UK version of the Droid RAZR Maxx are near identical to its US counterpart. Both Clove and Expansy are currently taking pre-orders.

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Nearly half of U.S. Mobile subscribers now own a smartphone, 48 percent are on Android

by George Heymann | @techeadlines

According to the most recent Nielson report, 49.7 percent of U.S. Mobile subscribers now own a smartphone, an increase of 38 percent over last year. The trend is continuing to grow as more than two-thirds of those who acquired a new mobile device in the last three months chose a smartphone over a feature phone.

In the U.S. Android continues to lead the way with a 48 percent market share, Apple has a 32 percent share, Rim follows with 12 percent, with everyone else making up the remaining 8 percent. If you would like to get additional information check the  full Nielsen report.

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“New and Improved” Blackberry London, LG announces Galaxy Note Competitor

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

Reports have resurfaced on with new pictures of the long rumored Blackberry London. From the looks of this device we can acknowledge that RIM, the makers of BlackBerry, are finally looking to join the ever-changing smartphone race.

The sleek design of the BlackBerry London has us brimming with excitement in the middle of winter. When is the BlackBerry London coming to the market? According to a leaked roadmap of RIM’s upcoming devices, the London washing ashore to American soil come Q3. (Photos after the break)

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Samsung Galaxy III, Skype & InstaCam for Windows Phone, Blackberry Resurrection?

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

Reports have surfaced that the latest edition to the Samsung Galaxy family, the Samsung Galaxy III will measure in at a relatively slim size of  7 mm. The Droid RAZR, which is currently one of the thinnest phones on the market measures in at 7.1 mm, so you can imagine how thin we are talking.

The Samsung Galaxy III is rumored to be released this upcoming May and will feature a 8megapixel rear camera and 2megapixel front-facing camera. Look for the device to run on Google’s latest operating system, Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich). Multiple reports have cited that the Galaxy III will sport 2GB of RAM, have a quad core processor, and will also be 4G LTE compatible.

If this news is all true, the Samsung Galaxy III will be a hard phone to beat this year.

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 versus Sony Xperia S

by Simon Drew

As the growth of the smartphone market in the UK continues, and devices get faster, more powerful and better looking, it is inevitable that manufacturers will see 2012 as an opportunity to improve their position in the market. Smartphones increased their grip over the UK consumer in 2011 with headline-grabbing devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple’s iPhone 4S generating excitement and enthusiasm. Though while there is growth for some manufacturers, others might lose out.

Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry and Sony, while both still incredibly influential and successful in the market, have lost out to more popular competitors. Both manufacturers have started 2012 with new devices aimed at launching new ranges which can be seen as an injection for both brands. At RIM it is the Blackberry Bold 9790 which leads the way as the latest handset in its Bold series. It is due to be released at the end of this month At Sony it is the newly launched Xperia S which is the first in a new NXT Xperia range. That handset is due to be launched at the end of January and then released in early March. So which one is best?

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Rim offers you a chance to win, EA gives football fans a reason to cheer and Emporia Telecom clicking with basic phone users.

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

Research In Motion (RIM), the brains behind the BlackBerry, is offering a contest that will shower a few lucky winners with some great prizes. From January 16th-27th, RIM is holding the JanuBerry contest which is a series of questions that will be posted on the @BlackBerry twitter page. To enter to win simply answer the question with the hashtag #JanuBerry, the 10th correct answer will be selected as the winner. Keep your eyes peeled to the @BlackBerry page as you can be the winner of BlackBerry phones, stickers, gloves and more. Good luck to all, and “may the force be with you.”

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Electronics gifts don’t have to be budget-busters

by George Heymann


Despite the downturn in the economy, early polling indicates that a majority of consumers — 52 percent — plan to spend the same or more for gifts this holiday season, according to a recent ICM Research report.

Last year, nearly a third of U.S. consumers’ holiday gift-spending budget went to consumer electronics.

I don’t know who the folks are that participated in the ICM poll, but most of my friends and associates have a more conservative budget this holiday season. Keeping in mind that many of us will need to spend less, I wanted to share my picks for hot tech gifts that won’t break the bank or your budget. Happy Holidays!

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Nielsen: Android remains most popular smartphone operating system in U.S. at 43% of market

Nielsen’s third quarter survey of mobile users reveals that Android remains the most popular operating system in the United States, with 43 percent of the market.

Other interesting statistics from the report indicate that while feature phones still enjoy a larger penetration and OS share compared to smartphones 57% vs 43%, the adoption rate for smartphones by age group varies from a low of 18% to as high as 62% for the 25-34 year group.

Check the Nielsen report for additional information.

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Stick it, Lean it, Wrap it, Shoot it, Attach it with Capta

by George Heymann


Capta is a multi-function smartphone accessory that works as a stand in both horizontal and vertical orientation as well as a tripod mount. The anodized brushed aluminum accessory was developed by Bojan Smiljanic and Adewale Adelusi-Adeluyi two freelance designers who work under the auspice of Unique Design (UD).

Unique Design is now looking for supporters to launch Capta on the Kickstarter website to bring the product to market. The stated goal of Unique Design is to create simple functional products.

“With the form factor and technology of smartphones always changing we designed Capta to be the hybrid accessory that could keep up with those changes. For example for iPhone users regardless of generation, Capta replaces the iPhone tripod mount, iPhone stand and iPhone cable management with one simple device. Capta has exceeded our original expectations and when paired with a suction cup or tripod mount the uses increase exponentially. We are humbled by how versatile Capta truly is, stated Smiljanic.

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