by George Heymann

Installation error: “Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card” solution for Android

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

I started receiving installation errors on my recently purchased Android phone which wouldn’t allow me to install some apps on my phone nor let me update others. Other applications, however, installed normally.

What really was puzzling is that in all three cases, there was ample space on the internal phone memory as well as the SD card storage.
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Primer: Managing file attachments.

In my work as an advertising photographer, file attachments are an integral part of my everyday workflow. For many experienced computer users working with file attachments, is almost instinctual.

However, hardly a day goes by that I don’t receive a request from someone needing help either sending or saving file attachments. So I thought I’d take a minute to help those of you that may still be unsure how to manage file attachments. Read the rest of this entry »

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Three easy steps to an uncluttered Gmail inbox!

Are you a Gmail user? Do you use your Gmail inbox as the repository for all your correspondence? I do. Gmail’s generous free online storage and the addition of Google Docs has become for me an irresistible proposition. The added convenience of having all my e-mails available on my phone or from any desktop through Gmail’s Web interface puts the icing on an already delicious cake.

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Browse Android Market from your web browser & much more!

In the past there was no way to browse the Android Marketplace without a handset. Now there are several viable solutions for Android application searching from your web browser.


Doubletwist is also the perfect way to sync your itunes music with your new android device!

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Calibrate your monitor with the help of some free online tools

If your “eyes are the window to your soul,” (Cicero, 106-43 B.C.), then the monitor is your window to the Web.  Take a minute to optimize that experience by tweaking a few key settings. Before you get started, read through the entire article to make sure you understand what you need to do.

These are basic instructions but you are the best judge of your abilities. If you don’t feel comfortable, perhaps you can get a friend or family member who is more familiar with technical issues to assist you.  Start by checking for the optimum screen resolution, refresh rate and color settings for your equipment. The monitor or video card  manufacturer, or reseller, should be able to provide the native resolution for your screen and video card settings. The user manuals also are an excellent source for this information. Then, compare that information with your current settings on your system. On the Mac you can find this in the system preferences, On a PC it’s in the control panel.

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