by George Heymann

Livin’ large with the 5.3” Galaxy Note

 Is that a large smartphone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

by George Heymann | @techeadlines

By now those of you interested in the Galaxy Note, have probably already looked at the phone statistics and any number of reviews. Rather than just give you my initial impressions, What I’d like to do do is to give you some insight on what it’s like to live with the rather large but svelte member of the Samsung family.

There is almost no getting around the fact the phone is large, the Galaxy Note sports a 5.3″ WXGA (1280 x 800, 285 PPI) HD Super Amoled screen. For me the size has been more of an asset than a detriment in day to day use. The extra screen real estate on the Note has made mobile web browsing productive and for the first time for me on a smartphone, enjoyable!

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 versus Sony Xperia S

by Simon Drew

As the growth of the smartphone market in the UK continues, and devices get faster, more powerful and better looking, it is inevitable that manufacturers will see 2012 as an opportunity to improve their position in the market. Smartphones increased their grip over the UK consumer in 2011 with headline-grabbing devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple’s iPhone 4S generating excitement and enthusiasm. Though while there is growth for some manufacturers, others might lose out.

Research in Motion, the makers of Blackberry and Sony, while both still incredibly influential and successful in the market, have lost out to more popular competitors. Both manufacturers have started 2012 with new devices aimed at launching new ranges which can be seen as an injection for both brands. At RIM it is the Blackberry Bold 9790 which leads the way as the latest handset in its Bold series. It is due to be released at the end of this month At Sony it is the newly launched Xperia S which is the first in a new NXT Xperia range. That handset is due to be launched at the end of January and then released in early March. So which one is best?

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gVoice is an Android Google Voice VoIP Client that uses your data connection to place and receive calls.

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

gVoice is a $4.99 Android VoIP app developed by guidology that allows you to use your data connection (WiFi, 3G, 4G,EVDO) to place voice calls using a Google Voice Account. gVoice essentially turns your phone or tablet into a free wireless phone when using the application over WiFi.

The phone can also be configured to use a 3G, 4G or EVDo data connection but it must be noted the gVoice app uses approximately 1.2 MB of data per minute during a call which can be very costly if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. From the main gVoice dialing screen, press menu then tap the settings menu. The settings menu will let you configure the application to enable WiFi calling as well as options to enable 3G/4G VoIP calling.

I’ve tried using gVoice with several Android Smartphones and tablets without any major problems. In each case after installing the application and entering my Google Voice credentials the application connected with my account and I was able place and receive calls, even on my WiFi only HTC Flyer tablet.

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Motorola Triumph review

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

Looking for a mid-range Android smartphone that won’t break the bank? Then the Motorola Triumph deserves your consideration. This smartphone which retails for just under $300 off-contract is powerful enough to tempt those looking to save money on their cellular bills into using a prepaid phone and service.

The CDMA phone which is being offered by Virgin Mobile USA can be paired with one of its relatively inexpensive Beyond Talk plans. These Virgin Mobile plans all feature unlimited web, messaging and email. The $35 per month plan includes 300 anytime minutes, another $10 per month buys you 1200 anytime minutes and the $55 per month plan buys you unlimited minutes along with unlimited data.

The Triumph features a 1GHz processor, 4.1” (800×480) WVGA touchscreen, 5MP rear camera with a VGA front-facing camera, 720P HD camcorder with HDMI output, 3G connectivity, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, micro USB, Bluetooth 2.1 and full Android Market application support without any third party overlays like Motoblur. The Triumph includes 512 MB Ram and 2 GB of internal memory and includes a 2GB Micro-SD card which is expandable up to 32GB.

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App Lock : A simple, easy to use, feature rich app protector for Android

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

App Lock is an app protector application developed by Creative Core that lets you selectively password protect apps and personal data stored on a Android smartphone.

There is allot to like about this free ad-supported app. App Lock is elegant in its simplicity, the intuitive UI makes working with this application a pleasure. The program opens to the enter passcode screen, you enter the provided initial passcode 8888 and then follow the prompts in the settings menu to customize the settings.

From the passcode settings you can:

  • Enable/disable App Lock
  • Edit your 4 digit passcode
  • Mask the passcode when editing
  • Email the passcode to yourself in case you forget it
  • Set a password hit for yourself
  • Set a password recovery challenge question
  • Set a lock delay of between 1 minute and 1 hour
  • Remote Control utilizing SMS messages
  • Set a lock policy

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GrowlVoice – A Google Voice Client for Mac

by George Heymann


I don’t usually start a product review with a recommendation, but in the case of GrowlVoice for Mac, I’m going to make an exception. If you have a Google Voice account and a Mac do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of GrowlVoice.

The $4.99 application developed by Eric Horacek, is one of my favorite and most used Mac utilities. The excellent Google voice client lets you send and receive texts right from the Mac menu bar quickly and easily.

The threaded text replies makes it extremely easy to view and respond to recent messages in your Google Voice inbox again from the convenience of your Mac menu bar.

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Review: Package Tracking 2.0, package tracking done right!

by George Heymann

If you need a quick easy way to track your packages or shipments, have I got a deal for you! Package Tracking 2.0 is an excellent free tracking application for Android developed by Zachary Cava (Technogeek00).

The application is simple to use, select a shipping company, enter your tracking number and hit track. Your tracking information, if available from the carrier will be available in an easy to read format. The tracking information is presented in two tabs, “details” and “progress”. The details screen displays the current status of the package you are tracking. The progress tab lists all of the shipping details to date, including the current status.

Shipping Tracking 2.0 also has an optional web component that allows you to enter the package details online and then sync the data with the Android app. The web service enables anyone with an Internet connection to utilize the excellent service.

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Review: Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition

by George Heymann

I recently made the move from a desktop to a laptop as my main personal computer. One of the compromises I had to make when moving to an ultraportable laptop with SSD drive was storage space.

My first impulse was to purchase an external hard drive (HD). All I needed to do was decided between buying a USB 2.0/3.0 drive now or waiting for a reasonably priced Thunderbolt capable external drive later.

After weighing my options, I came across a solution I hadn’t initially considered, a network-attached storage drive (NAS). The NAS drive commonly referred to as Cloud Storage drives operates as a secure file server on your home or office network.

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