by George Heymann

Google Drive launching next week for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS will include 5GB free storage

by George Heymann | @techeadlines

According to a recent The Next Web (TNW) report, Google’s rumored “Google Drive” service will launch next week @ for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS and will include 5 GB of free storage.

I can’t wait to see how the service will integrate with “Google Docs” and how we will interact with Google Drive. TNW is reporting that  Google Drive will work “in desktop folders” on both Mac and Windows machines.

I’ve been a long time Dropbox user, but may replace it with Google Drive as my virtual storage of choice depending on its implementation.

Do you intend to use Google Drive when its released next week?

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Apple firmware update for the MacBook Air addresses Lion Recovery, Thunderbolt Display compatibility and target disk performance issues on mid 2011 Macbook Air models

Apple released a 3.99 MB firmware update for the mid 2011 Macbook Air models yesterday that addresses the stability of Lion Recovery from an Internet connection, resolves issues with Apple Thunderbolt display and Target Disk Mode performance.

The Apple support document states “The MacBook Air EFI Update will update the EFI firmware on your notebook computer. Your computer’s power cord must be connected and plugged into a working power source. When your MacBookAir restarts, a gray screen will appear with a status bar to indicate the progress of the update. It will take several minutes for the update to complete. Do not disturb or shut off the power on your MacBookAir during this update.

After this update has successfully completed, your Boot ROM Version will be: MBA41.88Z.0077.B08.1109011050 .”

For more information on Lion disk recovery or using the Lion Disk Recovery disk assistant, see our story here.

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Digital magazines, the iPad and tablet computers… what’s it all about?

by A. Montaqim


Digital magazines and newspapers will be more widely read than print magazines and newspapers within 10 years. That’s my prediction

I first walked into a newspaper office when I was still in my teens, when my friend took me to his house, where his family owned and produced a weekly tabloid newspaper for the community. The newspaper was printed on 55 gsm paper, as far as I remember.

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Apple computer users faced with scareware threat

by A. Montaqim

Technology Market

The years of living comfortably would be over for Apple Mac users if a new piece of malware called Mac Defender had anything to do with it. The fake antivirus scareware attempts to dupe Mac owners into providing their credit card details in return for cleaning up the fake virus that it pretends to identify.

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Apple Goes to Make a New Pulse Service – What is New?

by Andy Groaning
Apple always prided themselves to be interested in their customer’s opinion of their products and value the feedback they get. Although Apple has several feedback programs which they also run, the new service, Pulse will be a lot more extensive and run by Socratic Technologies, a San Francisco based marketing company.

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Microsoft Arc Mouse

By George Heymann

Are you in the market for a new mouse for your desktop or laptop? I may have a solution that can work for both. It’s the Arc Mouse from Microsoft. The Arc Mouse is a full-size mouse (4.44”x2.32”) 4-button wireless laser mouse that folds to almost half (60%) of its fully extended size for portability when traveling.

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Jobs off the job

by George Heymann

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Monday that he had requested and received a medical leave of absence from Apple’s board of directors.

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It’s official Kindle on Android 1.6+ devices now!

Click to enlarge for scan

It’s official in addition to the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows PC and Mac you can now purchase and read your Kindle books on Android 1.6+ devices with an SD Card. Search for “Kindle” in the Android Market from your phone or you can Scan the QR code on the left with your phone’s barcode scanner. More information here.

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