by George Heymann

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S III rumor, iPhone 5 coming in June? UK Carriers begin selling the HTC One X and S.

Smartphone Briefs

by Chris Coleman| @PhoneKnack

The latest rumor making the rounds around the Internet is that Samsung is including a Super AMOLED Plus display which would allow the Galaxy S III to showcase its 4.65inch screen at 720p HD resolution. You may be wondering what in the world a smartphone 720p HD display even looks like, well here is a side by side comparison.

The difference between the two is very clear and quite stunning.

With that being said, we can most likely expect the Samsung Galaxy III to be hitting stores sometime in May as AsiaE has reported that carrier testing is currently underway.

Are you ready for the Samsung Galaxy III? We know we are.

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Hunger Games Trilogy for $3, AT&T 16gb iPhone 4s, for $549, Nokia Lumia 900 Coming To AT&T April 8th

Smartphone Briefs

by Chris Coleman@PhoneKnack

The recent movie release of the popular book series by Suzanne Collins, the Hunger Games has taken the world by storm. It’s only right that we all have the chance to experience both the book and the movie, however, many book stores are either out of copies or customers do not wish to shell out the money to buy all three books in the Hunger Games series. has a simple solution, they are selling the Hunger Games’ trilogy for $3. Use the following promo codes to receive the discounts:

1. Buy The Hunger Games for $0.83 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL
2. Buy Catching Fire for $1.16 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL
3. Buy Mockingjay for $1.07 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL3

You must download KoboBooks’s free Android app, which can be downloaded here in order to receive the eBook. Once buying the books and downloading the app, the books will instantly be available to read.

We’ve already downloaded our copies and it truly works. Don’t wait around on this deal, because who knows how long it will last!

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Carrier IQ, what is it? How to check if its installed on your Android smartphone

by George Heymann


Carrier IQ, Inc. is a privately owned software company which has recently received a great deal of media scrutiny regarding its “diagnostics software” that has been embedded in millions of subscribers’ phones. The software was designed to gather and analyze data in order to diagnose potential problems and help identify solutions.

The controversy regarding the Carrier IQ software first received media attention when researcher Trevor Eckhart of reported that Carrier IQ was logging information, including keystroke logs without notifying users or allowing them to opt-out. Carrier IQ initially responded by issuing a cease and desist order to Mr. Eckhart that suit was subsequently withdrawn by Carrier IQ Inc. CEO Larry Lenhart after the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( interceded on his behalf.

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Electronics gifts don’t have to be budget-busters

by George Heymann


Despite the downturn in the economy, early polling indicates that a majority of consumers — 52 percent — plan to spend the same or more for gifts this holiday season, according to a recent ICM Research report.

Last year, nearly a third of U.S. consumers’ holiday gift-spending budget went to consumer electronics.

I don’t know who the folks are that participated in the ICM poll, but most of my friends and associates have a more conservative budget this holiday season. Keeping in mind that many of us will need to spend less, I wanted to share my picks for hot tech gifts that won’t break the bank or your budget. Happy Holidays!

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Music Purchases are going live in the Android Market mobile app for some U.S. users

by George Heymann


I’ve seen posts today that the music purchases had gone live in the Android Market app for some U.S. users . Unfortunately, I could not see the music tab in the Market app installed on my HTC Sensation 4G app despite it being upgraded to the latest version.

If you’ve already updated to 3.3.11 and still don’t have the music tab don’t despair, the solution may be as simple as flushing the cache and clearing the data for the Android Market app.

From your phones home screen, hit the menu key and select settings. Tap manage applications, select the “All” tab and scroll down till you see Market and select that. Select clear cached, then clear data. Exit the manage application menu and return to the Android home screen. Click on the Android Marketplace app and accept the terms of service.

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iPhone 4S officially announced shipping October 14th, starting at $199, including Sprint version.

by George Heymann

Well its official, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took the wraps off of Apple’s latest smartphone the iPhone 4S. The rumors were surprisingly accurate, the outside of the phone closely resembles the iPhone 4 same 3.5” retina display but the inside has been completely redesigned.

The 4S includes a dual-core A5 CPU and GPU that reportedly offers up to 7x graphics performance compared to the iPhone 4. The antenna system has also been improved and now includes a dual-antenna system that intelligently switches to improve reception and help avoid dropped calls.

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Walmart and T-mobile jointly announce $30 no-contract unlimited web and text 4G service plan

Walmart and T-mobile announced plans today for a prepaid wireless plan that will offer “unlimited” web and text (first 5GB up to 4G speeds) and 100 minutes of talk, with no-annual contract.

The plan will be sold exclusively in-store at more than 2,200 Walmart stores and online at and and is expected to launch Oct. 16.

For more information see the full press-release after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

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Quick Look: D30 band case, high impact protection for your smartphone

by George Heymann

D30 cases for sensitive electronics are being introduced by a number of manufacturers. D30 is an innovative material that in its normal state is soft and pliable, but when exposed to shock the molecules lock together to absorb and disperse energy before almost instantly returning to its flexible state.

The materials ability to function as an shock absorber make it ideal for applications like smartphone cases. After doing some research on D30, see our story ‘D30, science fiction meets reality!‘, I decided to pick up D30 Band case for my smartphone from T-Mobile.

The case looks similar to an Apple bumper cases for the iPhone 4, a simple rubber band encircles the phone with the customary cutouts for access to headphone jack, usb ports etc… The configuration varies to match the smartphone it is designed for.

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Android selected by 56 percent of new U.S. smartphone owners in the past 3 months according to Nielsen report.

More than half (56%) of new U.S. smartphone owners the past 3 months picked up an Android device according to Nielsen’s most recent survey. The preferences of “recent acquirers” is important because they are often a leading indicator of where the market is going.

Overall Android grew to 43 percent of all US smartphone subscribers followed by Apple iOS who remained steady at 28 percent overall. It will be interesting to see how these figures are affected by the launch of the new iPhone 4S/5 next month. As well as the expected introduction of the iPhone to the Sprint network.

The holiday season should prove to be very interesting indeed.

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Profile : RORI, talented artist and Android developer

by George Heymann

I wanted to recognize “RORI” a very talented artist who is active in the Android theming community. I came to know RORI through his work on the CyanbreadX theme  he developed for roms using the T-Mobile theme system.

The CyanbreadX is based on the Cyanbread theme for Android phones running CyanogenMod7.

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