by George Heymann

HP to keep PC division

by John Roberts

Technology Market

HP has announced that it has completed its evaluation of strategic alternatives for its PC division, Personal Systems Group (PSG), and has decided the unit will remain part of the company.

“HP objectively evaluated the strategic, financial and operational impact of spinning off PSG. It’s clear after our analysis that keeping PSG within HP is right for customers and partners, right for shareholders, and right for employees,” said Meg Whitman, HP president and chief executive officer. “HP is committed to PSG, and together we are stronger.”

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D30, science fiction meets reality!

by George Heymann

D30 is an innovative material named for the developer D30 Labs, an impact protection company in the UK. The material has some very desirable qualities, in its normal state, D30 is soft and pliable but on impact the molecules lock together to absorb and disperse energy before almost instantly returning to its flexible state.

The D30 patented technology contains a chemically engineered material called a ‘dilatant’ to function as an energy absorber. The materials rigidity increases in relation with the rate of physical pressure applied. The reactive property of the materials makes it seem alive, this material is truly science fiction come to life.

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Quick Look: Hearing Saver

by George Heymann

Looking for a simple but effective utility that automatically sets your media volume when you plug or unplug your headphones? Then head on over to the Android Market and check-out ‘Hearing Saver” by Jake Basile.

Whether you’re trying to save your hearing by automatically lowering the volume of your handset when you plug in your headset or in my case saving everyone else’s hearing when I unplug. Hearing Saver works like a champ. The free app can can be optionally set to automatically mute the phone’s ring and notification sounds when headphones are plugged in. Additionally the application settings can be triggered from any paired audio Bluetooth device connecting or disconnecting.

This utility couldn’t be any simpler to set up, the setup screen has two sliders and two checkboxes. The top slider controls the media volume when headphones are plugged in, the bottom one controls the volume when the headphones are unplugged. The checkboxes allow you to mute the ringer and notification sounds as well as enable Bluetooth detection.

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In-home movie, game options abound

Array of services growing for on-demand entertainment.

by George Heymann

Want to check out that new flick or the latest video game? Besides a trip to the theater, watching movies available from your local cable/satellite provider or buying the latest hot video game, there are number of good options to consider.

Netflix offers a mail subscription DVD and Blu-ray disc rental service as well as video streaming via the Internet.

Netflix streaming options are numerous: the firm supports computers, all of the major mobile platforms including Android and iOS, a variety of game consoles, practically all of the dedicated streaming devices as well as many popular Blu-ray players and TVs.

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Printing off the paper

by David L. Chandler

MIT News Office

Imagine being able to “print” an entire house. Or a four-course dinner. Or a complete mechanical device such as a cuckoo clock, fully assembled and ready to run. Or a printer capable of printing … yet another printer?

These are no longer sci-fi flights of fancy. Rather, they are all real (though very early-stage) research projects underway at MIT, and just a few ways the Institute is pushing forward the boundaries of a technology it helped pioneer nearly two decades ago. A flurry of media stories this year have touted three-dimensional printing — or “3DP” — as the vanguard of a revolution in the way goods are produced, one that could potentially usher in a new era of “mass customization.”

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Automakers dropping spare tire from some economy cars to save fuel?

by George Heymann

When I saw a recent GM press release announcing that they were dropping the spare to save fuel on some models, I thought it was the worst idea ever.

GM decided to replace the spare on the Cruz Eco saving a meager 26 lbs. with an electric tire inflator and tire sealant kit. The truck-mounted inflator plugs into the 12-volt accessory socket inside the car. The sealant can reportedly plug holes of up to one-quarter-inch in diameter.

“Getting rid of something as important as the spare tire wasn’t a decision we made lightly,” said Terry Connolly, GM director of Tire and Wheel Systems. “The universal implementation of tire pressure monitoring systems over the past five years has significantly reduced the likelihood that a flat tire will leave you stranded by the side of the road.”

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Inexpensive extended aftermarket battery provides surprising performance

by George Heymann


After hearing and reading about various aftermarket battery horror stories, I’ve generally steered clear of these bargain basement offerings. Recently I ran across a battery thread on xda developers regarding an extended 3500 mAh aftermarket battery for the Optimus 2X / T-Mobile G2X. The extended battery is also available for various other models.

The bargain priced Chinese extended battery is available on Ebay for as little $13.89 shipped. I followed the thread with interest for several weeks and after receiving generally positive reviews from users, I relented and ordered one.

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PadPivot versatile lap and desktop stand for your tablet, smartphone or e-reader

by George Heymann

PadPivot is a lap and desk stand for your tablet, smartphone or e-reader. What separates the PadPivot from many other stands is its compact size and flexibility. When fully extended the PadPivot is approximately 4”x4″  square.

The PadPivot can accommodate practically any size e-reader, smartphone, or tablet depending on how you “pivot” the top support plate on the stand.

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Rearth Ringke smartphone protection and style on a budget

by George Heymann

Rearth manufacturers a variety of protective cases for a wide range of devices from laptops and smartphones to a variety of MP3 players. The Rearth case that I’m reviewing today is the Ringke which is a high polymer case incorporating a 3 layer design.

The design consists of a silicon layer, an etching layer and a high polymer layer. The hybrid case provides the soft touch properties of a silicon case, with the smoothness and dust resistance of a hard rubber case while retaining much of its flexibility.

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