by George Heymann

Preview: SPB Shell 3D homescreen replacement

by George Heymann

SPB Software has launched “SPB Shell 3D” home screen replacement in the Android Marketplace .

SPB Shell 3d is based on the SPB Mobile Shell product line for Windows Mobile and Symbian.

My first impression of the interface is that it’s very intuitive. I was able to navigate the interface add apps, widgets as well as adding, deleting and re-ordering screens within the first few minutes of use. The UI is beautiful to look at and has a visceral quality that makes it hard to put down.

Once you install and launch the home screen, it just begs to be touched. I’m having fun just playing with the thing. I spent the first 15 minutes with the program just watching the screen animations once the launcher is placed in 3D carousel mode.

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SPB software provided us review copy which I have now installed on my main Android phone. The true test of the UI for me will be on how well it performs in daily use as a full-time home screen replacement.

Unfortunately, the $14.95 app does not have a trial version available. In the interim I wanted to share a collection of screen shots to whet your appetite.

We intend to put the software through its paces and report back to you with a full review.

Update 04/12/11: See our full review here.


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4 Responses

  1. FSD says:

    i like it
    Preview: SPB Shell 3D homescreen replacement | Technology-Headlines at this moment im your rss reader

  2. TS04 says:

    Sure it looks good, but how well does it work?

  3. gheymann says:

    Check back for our full review of SPB Shell 3D soon!

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