by George Heymann

Quick Look: GetJar a third party Android App Store that features free downloads of premium apps.

by George Heymann

One of the things that I appreciate about Android is the freedom to choose. When selecting an Android handset you can choose the device form factor, screen type and size, launcher, keyboard options, manufacturer even custom roms.

Besides hardware choices we have the freedom to install software from whomever or wherever we choose. Besides the official Android Marketplace which continues to improve there are two other App Store that have found their way onto my phone, the Amazon AppStore and GetJar.

This is a quick look at GetJar a third party AppStore that features a selection of paid Android Applications for free download. To download the GetJar AppStore to your phone go to on your phone, select quick download at the bottom of the screen and enter the code they provide.

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Quickoffice Pro $2.99 for a limited time in Amazon App Store

The excellent Microsoft Office compatible Android Quickoffice Pro suite is available for $2.99 for a limited time in the Amazon App Store.

Quickoffice Pro allows you to view, edit and save Word, Excel and Powerpoint files from your Android device. You can load and save files from many third party services like Google Docs., Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync and MobileMe.

I had purchased this suite a few days ago when it went on sale for $7.99, at $2.99 it’s an absolute steal get it while you can.

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