by George Heymann

Infographic: Are we really safe online?

by George Heymann |@techeadlines

According to a Stanford University study supposedly anonymous data gathered on personal web browsers was collected and then sold. The information from the study was used by to graphically highlight that consumers don’t have legal rights to control how their personal data is shared.

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Quick Look: Bolt brings Android browsing to the cloud

by George Heymann

I’ve been playing with a host of third party mobile browsers but always seem to come back to the stock Android browser. Two days ago an innovative browser by Bitstream called ‘Bolt’ came out of beta and is now available in the Android Market.

There is a lot to like about the Webkit based Bolt browser. I particularly like the way it renders web pages, the pages look similar to how they appear on my desktop browser. However, I’ve had some issues with some pages not rendering correctly when I try to tap to zoom in on a section of the web page. Parts of page overlay others making the type unreadable until you manually adjust the page.

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Browse Android Market from your web browser & much more!

In the past there was no way to browse the Android Marketplace without a handset. Now there are several viable solutions for Android application searching from your web browser.


Doubletwist is also the perfect way to sync your itunes music with your new android device!

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Update: Stories coming soon to Technology-Headlines!

  • Download over 1,600 Mp3’s for free (legally)!  04/09 (Published 04/08)
  • Browse Android Market from your web browser and much more! (Published 04/12)
  • Review: Portable Apps Suite – Use portable apps on any PC, without leaving a trace! 04/16
  • Tip: How to declutter your Gmail inbox by using filters. 04/30

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Elasticfiction offers splitscreen browser for Ipad!

From the Splitbrowser product description: Itunes Link

“This app offers you an ultimate web experience, allowing you to stream a video while checking out your emails; if you want to focus on the film, try the full screen mode. Listen to music on one page while surfing the web on the other, maybe looking for the biography of the artiste you’re listening to.”

Video after the break:

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Getting familiar with your Employers Internet Policy is key to your job security!

Most businesses have a written policy that dictates proper usage of the company systems — including computers, fax machines and all forms of Internet/Intranet access. As security is a major concern for today’s businesses, having an Internet policy in place that marries proper usage with security and privacy concerns is essential.

Are you familiar with your company’s computer use and Internet policy? Many times, the policy will not only list usage guidelines but spells out what software is supported. Do yourself a favor and pay a visit to your human resources department and get a copy of the policy.

A generic example of an Internet and e-mail usage policy is available at: Policies vary widely from company to company, so get familiar with what constitutes proper use in your company. Failure to follow the policy could lead to a violation that could jeopardize your employment.

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