by George Heymann

Pebble: E-Paper Smart Watch right on the “SPOT” for Android and iPhone

by George Heymann | @techeadlines

I’ve been a fan of smart watches since Microsoft launched Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) watches back in 2004. Do you remember Spot? The now defunct service used FM radio signals to broadcast information to your wristwatch.

The service once activated could send content to your smart watch including weather, news, stocks, calendar, sports, horoscopes, lottery results as well as downloadable watch faces. You could also have text messages sent to your watch via MSN Messenger.

Enter Pebble, which was introduced in a Kickstarter project as the first watch built for the 21st century. Pebble promises to be what SPOT could only dream of. Pebble connects by Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android device. Pebble will have an app market that will feature downloadable watch faces and a host of internet-connected apps.

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GrowlVoice – A Google Voice Client for Mac

by George Heymann


I don’t usually start a product review with a recommendation, but in the case of GrowlVoice for Mac, I’m going to make an exception. If you have a Google Voice account and a Mac do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of GrowlVoice.

The $4.99 application developed by Eric Horacek, is one of my favorite and most used Mac utilities. The excellent Google voice client lets you send and receive texts right from the Mac menu bar quickly and easily.

The threaded text replies makes it extremely easy to view and respond to recent messages in your Google Voice inbox again from the convenience of your Mac menu bar.

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Vibe ‘Feel’ who is calling

by George Heymann


Vibe is a free Android application that lets you assign vibration patterns to your contacts so you know who’s calling without having to look at your phone. The program was recently updated to work with SMS & MMS text messages.

The app lets you assign custom vibration patterns in the same way many users choose to assign a custom ringtone to contacts, except that its private and discreet. Vibe developer Base2Apps, calls Vibe “A caller ID with vibration patterns.”

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Preview: CrossTxT send and receive text messages from any internet connected PC

by George Heymann

CrossTxT is an Android application that allows you to send and receive text messages from any Internet connected computer. Once you set up your CrossTxt account, you will be able to send and receive texts and optionally synchronize your contacts to the CrossTxt database.

If you are familiar with texting through your Gmail account with Google Voice, it’s similar with some additional features and caveats.

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Best theater PSA ever (Uncensored)…. If you talk or text during the movie they throw you out!

by George Heymann

I love technology as much as anyone but seriously folks if you can’t stay off your phone for a couple of hours while you’re at the cinema then just stay home.

Apparently the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain agrees, if you talk or text during the movie they throw you out. If I had the option here I would definitely make them my theatre of choice because of its policy.

Here is the Alamo Drafhouse Cinema Policy:

“We do not tolerate people who talk or text in the theater. In fact, before every film, we have several warnings on-screen to prevent such happenings. Occasionally, someone doesn’t follow the rules, and we do, in fact, kick their asses out of our theater. This video is an actual voicemail from a woman who was kicked out of one of our Austin theaters. Thanks, anonymous woman, for being awesome.”

For more info on the Alamo Drafthouse, visit

They turned a call from an irritated customer that was thrown out because of texting into a promotional video for its theater chain. The video is uncensored and contains profanity.

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Google voice app gets updated with widgets.

Google added widgets for its Voice application that adds fast access to the full Android App as well as one-click connection to four of its most common functions.

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Go directly to voicemail with Slydial!

Do you have a need for a voice messaging service that can bypass ringing a person’s phone and go directly to voicemail? If you have the need I have the solution: Slydial.

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