by George Heymann

Quick Look: Hearing Saver

by George Heymann

Looking for a simple but effective utility that automatically sets your media volume when you plug or unplug your headphones? Then head on over to the Android Market and check-out ‘Hearing Saver” by Jake Basile.

Whether you’re trying to save your hearing by automatically lowering the volume of your handset when you plug in your headset or in my case saving everyone else’s hearing when I unplug. Hearing Saver works like a champ. The free app can can be optionally set to automatically mute the phone’s ring and notification sounds when headphones are plugged in. Additionally the application settings can be triggered from any paired audio Bluetooth device connecting or disconnecting.

This utility couldn’t be any simpler to set up, the setup screen has two sliders and two checkboxes. The top slider controls the media volume when headphones are plugged in, the bottom one controls the volume when the headphones are unplugged. The checkboxes allow you to mute the ringer and notification sounds as well as enable Bluetooth detection.


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