by George Heymann

Hp to Acquire Palm for 1.2 Billion!

HP and Palm entered into an agreement where HP will purchase Palm for $5.70 a share approximately 1.2 billion. The most exciting part of the announcement for me is that HP intends to move forward with Palm WebOS not only in mobile phones but across multiple mobile connected devices.

HP WebOS Slate anyone? Line forms here! See the HP news release here.

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WebOS for Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus expected to start rolling out today!

Update WebOS for Verizon downloading as of 04/28/10 10:27 pm MDT

Verizon is expected to start rolling out the WebOS today. From the PDF improvements include:

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Amazon has teamed up with Verizon Wireless to present what arguably is this years most exciting smartphone offer!

The offer includes a Palm Pre Plus smartphone for 1 cent  ($549 retail without a contract) in exchange for signing a 2 year service contract. As if that wasn’t incentive enough Verizon will waive the $40 monthly fee to turn your Palm Pre Plus or Palm Pixi Plus into a 3G mobile hotspot. The hotspot software allows your Pre to connect up to five Wifi enabled devices. A great way to provide Internet access to your new iPad, netbook or notebook while on the road. The data plan for the phone is unlimited but the hotspot service has a 5gb cap after which you are charged for the overage.

Check the site for costs and additional details!

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