by George Heymann

Near Field Communications (NFC) mobile payments FAQ

By Michael Koploy

ERP Analyst at Software Advice

According to US research advisory Gartner, mobile payments may be the next “big thing” for retailers. The firm expected 38 percent growth of mobile payment users last year, totaling 141 million.

While this may seem like a lot, the industry still has a long way to go and there are a number of roadblocks ahead, according to Sandy Shen, Gartner Research Director. “The biggest hurdle is the need to change user behavior by convincing consumers to pay with mobile phones instead of cash and cards,” says Shen.

Retailers can play a large role in changing user behavior, and the first step is learning more about the technology. Software Advice often hears from retailers that are curious about mobile payments, so they put together a FAQ. Here are answers to three of their top questions.

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Moneto prepaid NFC mobile wallet service compatible with Android and iPhone

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

Yesterday DeviceFidelity, Inc and Spring Card Systems LLC, announced Moneto a prepaid mobile wallet service utilizing Near Field Communications (NFC) in conjunction with MasterCard PayPass technology.

The innovative service enables NFC on previously incompatible smartphones by utilizing a custom Moneto microSD card for Android and a custom case for iPhone.

According to its press release “Users can fund their Moneto prepaid account through direct deposit, ACH transfer or cash/credit/debit card-enabled third-party money transfer services such as MoneyGram, Western Union, PayPal or GreenDot.

Moneto also comes with a companion prepaid MasterCard to give users the ability to access cash at ATMs and make online purchases, pay bills or shop at merchants that do not accept contactless payments. Moneto also enables card-to-card and wire-fund transfers from a secure internet portal accessible via”

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Google: Tap, pay and save, soon your wallet is your phone

by George Heymann

Google, in conjunction with launch partners Citigroup, MasterCard, First Data and Sprint, officially announced its mobile payment app, Google Wallet. The app will essentially make your phone your wallet. The software works in tandem with special hardware utilizing near field communications (NFC).

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