by George Heymann

Mobile Wallet Adoption Strategies for the Newly-Partnered Isis

By Michael Koploy

ERP Analyst at Software Advice

Isis made big news last week when it announced it had established a partnership with the four largest credit card networks – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. This is great news for the mobile payments, and a indication that retailers may have more incentive to use Isis than the limited Google Wallet and PayPal NFC offerings.

The big test for Isis will be in the two pilot cities for 2012: Salt Lake City and Austin. Michael Koploy, ERP Analyst of Software Advice, recently express his thoughts on mobile payments adoption for Austin, Texas on the Software Advice blog. To effectively establish itself as the leader in mobile payments in the US, Koploy believes that Isis will have to follow these five adoption strategies in Austin:

  1. Spread the Word with Festivals and Conferences (e.g., South-by-Southwest, Austin City Limits)
  2. Find Innovative Ways to Integrate NFC with Education (e.g., University of Texas at Austin)
  3. Create NFC Purchasing Habits at Hip Food Venues (with Austin’s food trailers)
  4. Integrate NFC with High-End Supermarkets (e.g., Whole Foods)
  5. Attract the NFC Crowd with Merchant Neighborhoods (like Austin’s South Congress merchant hub)

For more thoughts on NFC adoption in Austin and the US, check out: Five Ways Austin Can Springboard Mobile Wallet Adoption.


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Mobile security software will be essential for smartphone users in the near future

by George Heymann

It’s unfortunate but the time is rapidly approaching where installing some type of mobile security software will be essential to the operation of a smartphone. Several well publicized security breaches in the news recently including attacks on Sony, Citibank, Discover have security and malware on the radar for many consumers.

On the mobile side, Google has had to remove dozens of malware applications that were introduced to the Android Market. iOS has been affected to a lesser degree but hasn’t been immune from Malware. Security experts Stonesoft and McAfee are both forecasting that sophisticated malware attacks to iOS will increase as mobile continues to grow and additional attention is focused on popular smartphones.

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Google: Tap, pay and save, soon your wallet is your phone

by George Heymann

Google, in conjunction with launch partners Citigroup, MasterCard, First Data and Sprint, officially announced its mobile payment app, Google Wallet. The app will essentially make your phone your wallet. The software works in tandem with special hardware utilizing near field communications (NFC).

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