by George Heymann

Verizon to allow shared Family Data Plans by Mid 2012, Verizon “Loyalty” Offer, Skype arrives on Windows Phone.

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

Verizon’s CTO Fran Shammo revealed that Verizon Wireless will be offering shared family data plans to Verizon Wireless customers by the middle of this year. The rumor has been circulating for a while, Shammo said that Verizon has been working on this for a year, so that everything will be smooth once the shared family plans are launched.

Unfortunately the rollout of these shared plans will begin with current 4G subscribers, so 3G users, looks like it’s time to upgrade.

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Verizon for Valentines day? “Samsung’d” again!

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

Starting February 13th through the 14th, Verizon is allowing users to tweet their most creative confessions with the hashtag #TweetHeart in order to win a free colored Droid RAZR. If you don’t like purple, simply give it to that special someone of yours. Until then, be on the lookout for the contest on Verizon Wireless’s official Twitter page.

PS. your partner may still like a romantic date even if you win the free phone.

For those who happened to miss the Samsung Galaxy Note Superbowl ad, the ad is simple no longer shall customers have to wait in long lines in order to buy a subpar phone such as iPhone, instead the Samsung Galaxy Note shall be your savior. It was a quirky and funny commercial, some may say it was a tad over the top, but the stage it was premiered on, sometimes over the top is better.

See the Samsung Mobile USA- Thing Called Love ad after the break

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Are you what you Tweet? Reviewing 2011 Tweets, the answer for many is a resounding ‘NO’

As much as I enjoy participating in social media it’s not always the best indicator of whats important in the world at any given time. This was illustrated recently by Jason at the Frugal Dad blog. He put together an infographic of 2011’s trending topics on Twitter.

With so many important issues in 2011 both in the US and internationally it’s a bit of an eye opener that the focus for many Twitter users trends towards the insignificant and the inane.

Hit the break to check out the infographic.

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70+ High Quality Wallpapers for Windows Phone 7

by George Heymann

Deviant Art member VanSoaked has put together a collection of 70+ high quality wallpapers that have been scaled and cropped to the exact resolution for WP7 (800×480). Don’t have a Windows Phone? No problem the images can easily be resized using your favorite image editor to work with most phones. Thumbnail preview of the entire collection after the break.

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