by George Heymann

Pebble: E-Paper Smart Watch right on the “SPOT” for Android and iPhone

by George Heymann | @techeadlines

I’ve been a fan of smart watches since Microsoft launched Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) watches back in 2004. Do you remember Spot? The now defunct service used FM radio signals to broadcast information to your wristwatch.

The service once activated could send content to your smart watch including weather, news, stocks, calendar, sports, horoscopes, lottery results as well as downloadable watch faces. You could also have text messages sent to your watch via MSN Messenger.

Enter Pebble, which was introduced in a Kickstarter project as the first watch built for the 21st century. Pebble promises to be what SPOT could only dream of. Pebble connects by Bluetooth to an iPhone or Android device. Pebble will have an app market that will feature downloadable watch faces and a host of internet-connected apps.

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gVoice is an Android Google Voice VoIP Client that uses your data connection to place and receive calls.

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

gVoice is a $4.99 Android VoIP app developed by guidology that allows you to use your data connection (WiFi, 3G, 4G,EVDO) to place voice calls using a Google Voice Account. gVoice essentially turns your phone or tablet into a free wireless phone when using the application over WiFi.

The phone can also be configured to use a 3G, 4G or EVDo data connection but it must be noted the gVoice app uses approximately 1.2 MB of data per minute during a call which can be very costly if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. From the main gVoice dialing screen, press menu then tap the settings menu. The settings menu will let you configure the application to enable WiFi calling as well as options to enable 3G/4G VoIP calling.

I’ve tried using gVoice with several Android Smartphones and tablets without any major problems. In each case after installing the application and entering my Google Voice credentials the application connected with my account and I was able place and receive calls, even on my WiFi only HTC Flyer tablet.

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Preview: Latest Vibe beta includes several user requested features as well as an updated UI

by George Heymann


Vibe is an Android application that lets users assign vibration patterns to contacts. The application has been described by the developer Base2Apps as a “caller ID with vibration patterns.”

The base Vibe program is a free download from the Android Market, additional premium functionality can be unlocked for a fee. The free version includes five standard vibrations patterns. In our first look at ViBe, we requested that the developer give us the option to purchase a pro-version of the program that would allow us to make our own custom vibration patterns we could share with other users.

Base2Apps has responded, the new version when available will give users the option to unlock the remaining premium ViBes as well as create unlimited custom ViBes for $4, a 20 percent savings.

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Vibe ‘Feel’ who is calling

by George Heymann


Vibe is a free Android application that lets you assign vibration patterns to your contacts so you know who’s calling without having to look at your phone. The program was recently updated to work with SMS & MMS text messages.

The app lets you assign custom vibration patterns in the same way many users choose to assign a custom ringtone to contacts, except that its private and discreet. Vibe developer Base2Apps, calls Vibe “A caller ID with vibration patterns.”

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Number Guru: Free Caller ID and reverse number lookup for Android and iOS. Available for Blackberry soon

by George Heymann

My latest find I wanted to share is a free Caller ID and Reverse phone number look-up app called Number Guru. In my testing the program worked well giving me the name, city and phone company of the caller while the caller id on the handset showed no information.

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Faster=Better, Google Voice=Better, Make outgoing calls faster with “direct access numbers”!

Google launched an enhancement to the Android and Blackberry Google Voice App yesterday that speeds up the call connections using “Direct Access Numbers”. Prior to this update the Google Voice app had to make a request to the Google Voice server everytime a call was placed to send the number you wanted to dial.

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