by George Heymann

Verizon to allow shared Family Data Plans by Mid 2012, Verizon “Loyalty” Offer, Skype arrives on Windows Phone.

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

Verizon’s CTO Fran Shammo revealed that Verizon Wireless will be offering shared family data plans to Verizon Wireless customers by the middle of this year. The rumor has been circulating for a while, Shammo said that Verizon has been working on this for a year, so that everything will be smooth once the shared family plans are launched.

Unfortunately the rollout of these shared plans will begin with current 4G subscribers, so 3G users, looks like it’s time to upgrade.

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Preview: CooTeks TouchPal keyboard adds another great choice to growing list of quality replacement keyboards for Android (coming soon to iPhone)

by George Heymann


One product category that has been well represented is replacement Android keyboards. I think I’ve tried practically every keyboard on the market and find myself bouncing back and forth between SwiftkeyX, Swype and Thumb Keyboard 4.

Each keyboard has its strengths, For me, SwifkeyX has the best predictive text engine, Swype the fastest text input and Thumb keyboard 4 the best landscape layout featuring a split keyboard and numeric keypad all on the same screen.

Why do I mention some of TouchPals competitors? Because the TouchPal keyboards latest beta (V4.81) incorporates some of the features from my favorite competing products into one keyboard. CooTek calls this feature TouchPal Curve, which combines swiping input with a predictive text and machine learning engine.

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Viber free VOIP calls for iPhone, soon for Android and Blackberry!

by George Heymann

Viber is a phone application that utilizes voice over IP (VOIP) protocols to enable you make free phone calls to other users that have Viber installed over 3G or Wifi similar to Skype. Until recently, Viber has been an iPhone exclusive but will be available soon for Android (currently in limited beta). Support for Blackberry has also been promised.
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