by George Heymann

Photobooth for Android by ClarkLab lets you combine several photos into a single file for easy sharing

by George Heymann


When we hear the words ‘photo booth’ we have been condition to expect a countdown 3…2..1, followed by a flurry of snapshots. Photobooth by ClarkLab is a conundrum in that it is simultaneously both more and less than what you expect.

The free Android utility allows you to combine gallery photos or capture new images directly from the camera to create a custom photo strip ready to share quickly and easily. You can choose from vertical or horizontal layouts, arrange your photos in ascending, descending, or random order on your strips, than export your strips in various sizes S,M, L (XL coming soon) ready to share with your selected social network.

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Quick Look: Hearing Saver

by George Heymann

Looking for a simple but effective utility that automatically sets your media volume when you plug or unplug your headphones? Then head on over to the Android Market and check-out ‘Hearing Saver” by Jake Basile.

Whether you’re trying to save your hearing by automatically lowering the volume of your handset when you plug in your headset or in my case saving everyone else’s hearing when I unplug. Hearing Saver works like a champ. The free app can can be optionally set to automatically mute the phone’s ring and notification sounds when headphones are plugged in. Additionally the application settings can be triggered from any paired audio Bluetooth device connecting or disconnecting.

This utility couldn’t be any simpler to set up, the setup screen has two sliders and two checkboxes. The top slider controls the media volume when headphones are plugged in, the bottom one controls the volume when the headphones are unplugged. The checkboxes allow you to mute the ringer and notification sounds as well as enable Bluetooth detection.

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Review: Package Tracking 2.0, package tracking done right!

by George Heymann

If you need a quick easy way to track your packages or shipments, have I got a deal for you! Package Tracking 2.0 is an excellent free tracking application for Android developed by Zachary Cava (Technogeek00).

The application is simple to use, select a shipping company, enter your tracking number and hit track. Your tracking information, if available from the carrier will be available in an easy to read format. The tracking information is presented in two tabs, “details” and “progress”. The details screen displays the current status of the package you are tracking. The progress tab lists all of the shipping details to date, including the current status.

Shipping Tracking 2.0 also has an optional web component that allows you to enter the package details online and then sync the data with the Android app. The web service enables anyone with an Internet connection to utilize the excellent service.

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