by George Heymann

Instagram Officially Coming to Android, Will AT&T ever launch the Nokia Lumia 900? iPhone 5.1 Update Brings 4G To iPhone Users?

Smartphone Briefs

By Chris Coleman|@PhoneKnack

Instagram, the beloved iOS app that has 27 million registered users has been officially announced for Android. Co-founder Kevin Systrom took to the stage at South By South West (SXSW) to announce that after two years of being an exclusive iOS app that Instagram will be making its way into the lives of Android users.

Systrom gave a brief preview of what Instagram would look like on Android, and had went on to say that, “in some ways, it is better than their iOS app.” The app should be hitting the Google Play store soon.

Nokia’s long awaited return to the US keeps being pushed back by AT&T. The Nokia Lumia 900 is supposed to bring Nokia back into relevance in the mobile industry here in the states, but will fans great the Lumia 900 with outstretched hands if AT&T continues to push back the release date of the phone. Rumors are circulating that AT&T is looking at either an April 8th date or April 18th. Whichever date it is, we can only hope that AT&T and Nokia deliver.

Apple recently released their iOS 5.1 update and for AT&T iPhone 4S users many were shocked to see a 4G icon  appear on their screens. Currently AT&T does not have true 4G so is this a sign of things to come? Or is Apple just pushing AT&T’s HSPA+/4G network. Either way, users will see slightly faster speeds compared to 3G, however, AT&T’s billed 4G is nowhere near as fast as LTE 4G, which is currently the only true 4G available.


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