by George Heymann

Motorola Triumph Hacks including ICS and Gingerbread ROMs

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

We recently reviewed the Motorola Triumph a CDMA pre-paid phone which is being offered by Virgin Mobile. We generally liked the Triumph but were disappointed that the phone is currently being delivered with Android 2.2 Froyo installed with no official upgrade path announced as of this date.

Well we’ve come across a great resource “Motorola Triumph Hacks” that addresses many of the Triumphs shortcomings. The site features downloads for several of the more popular third party ROMS that add additional features and bug fixes as well as instructional videos that include step-by-step instructions to help even novice users enhance their Motorola Triumph experience.

Following one of the featured guides I’ve now upgraded my Triumph to Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread which made the phone noticeably more responsive. The only feature not enabled on the third party build that I installed that is HDMI, which was not a critical feature for me. (Video after the break)

There is even details of an early Alpha Cyanogen Mod 9 (CM9) ROM build that includes Ice Cream Sandwich for the Motorola Triumph that is surprising stable and responsive for such an early build of the ROM. I really enjoyed using the ICS ROM, but went back to the Gingerbread ROM because the camera on the Triumph is not yet supported on the Alpha ROM. As soon as this feature is added I will be re-flashing my phone.

If you own or are considering buying a Motorola Triumph phone you need to add “Motorola Triumph Hacks” to your browsers bookmarks and tell Kyle hello and thank you for all of his work.


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