by George Heymann

Quick Look: RingDimmer listens to ambient sound to automatically calculate and set ring volume for you.

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

RingDimmer is an Android ringer utility developed by Michael Pardo that listens to the ambient sound around you to calculate and automatically set the ring volume for you. This 99 cent utility immediately caught my attention as it would theoretically solve an issue with an inadvertently loud ringer in a quiet room that many of us have experienced.

I say theoretically because for me the program currently works better in theory than in practice. Although the program at times lowered the volume from the max volume setting to a more quiet volume. It’s still rings too loudly in most cases for my use. I would prefer to be able to set ring volume triggers for a given level of ambient noise rather than letting the program choosing the appropriate level.

The current version (v1.0.6) was inconsistent in my testing. At times it worked properly, lowering the call ringtone volume in a quite setting, while subsequent calls rang at full volume despite having relatively the same level of ambient noise present.

Also I must report that I experienced a number of random force close errors over the past couple of days. In fairness to the developer it might be a conflict with another application I have installed or a compatibility issue with the particular handset I used (Motorola Triumph) to test RingDimmer on. I haven’t done sufficient testing on other devices to rule that out as a possibility.

That being said I’m looking forward to future updates for RingDimmer, the utility has allot of promise with some tweaking I could see this program becoming an essential utility for my smartphone.


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