by George Heymann

Tagg GPS tracking for your Pets

by George Heymann|@techeadlines

Tagg is a pet tracking system developed by Snaptracs Inc., a Qualcomm company that uses GPS technology to help you locate your pet if it becomes lost or stolen. The lightweight GPS Tag attaches to the pets collar with a two piece clip and its waterproof design allows it to be worn at all times.

The Tagg system appearsto be simple to set-up, first set-up an account at , once you receive the Tagg pet tracker activate it, it will be associated with your online account, then setup your Tagg zone.

If your pet ever leaves the Tagg zone you designated, you receive an alert by text and email. You can use the information provided by Tagg to pinpoint your pet on a map, track, and find it.

iPhone and Android smartphone users can also download a Tagg app that enables users to locate their pet on a map using the mobile app on their  smartphones, track their whereabouts and get driving directions to their current location right from their phone.

The Tagg system which is available now, costs $99.95 for the master system which includes the Tagg GPS tag, charger, mounting clip and the first month of service. After the initial months service, the cost is $7.95 per month. For owners that would like to protect additional pets there is a family plan where additional trackers can be purchased for $89.95. The monthly service fee for additional pets is just .95 cents after the first month. A total of 10 trackers can be included per family account.

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