by George Heymann

Preview: Latest Vibe beta includes several user requested features as well as an updated UI

by George Heymann


Vibe is an Android application that lets users assign vibration patterns to contacts. The application has been described by the developer Base2Apps as a “caller ID with vibration patterns.”

The base Vibe program is a free download from the Android Market, additional premium functionality can be unlocked for a fee. The free version includes five standard vibrations patterns. In our first look at ViBe, we requested that the developer give us the option to purchase a pro-version of the program that would allow us to make our own custom vibration patterns we could share with other users.

Base2Apps has responded, the new version when available will give users the option to unlock the remaining premium ViBes as well as create unlimited custom ViBes for $4, a 20 percent savings.

Here is a list of major changes that are in the beta:

  1. Enable a user to create their own ViBe patterns and assign an unlimited amount of custom ViBes to contacts after the feature is ‘unlocked’
  2. Search function in the contacts activity – makes it easier to search for a user
  3. Cleaned up the UI and gave the app a more Android native feel with the ‘tab’ views
  4. Added a widget so that users can toggle vibe on and off on their phone’s home screen instead of going into the app to update the ViBe settings.

Using Vibe remains simple and straightforward, The program opens to your contact list, you choose a contact and select a custom vibration pattern. Adding the ability to search your contacts from within ViBe makes it even more convenient to search and assign ViBe patterns.

If you haven’t tried ViBe download the free version from the Android Market and evaluate the app for yourself. If you like the program you can support the developer by purchasing the premium version of the program. I don’t have a release date for the version we evaluated but look for an updated version to be available soon.

Base2Apps provided us a copy of ViBe for evaluation.

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4 Responses

  1. sogwiz says:

    Looking forward to see what kinds of ‘creative’ vibes that users end up creating. GOOD VIBES!

  2. Paul says:

    Great Post. Thank you for writing the preview!

  3. Sarang says:

    Can’t wait for custom vibes! looking forward to it!

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