by George Heymann

All You Need Is a Computer Now

by Ruben Corbo

The Revolution of Computers Taking Over Every Other Technological Device

The computer is the king of electronics. All other forms of entertainment are becoming outdated as computers keep being able to do more. Computers are becoming the focal point of people’s lives. They are no longer just for work and school. Today more people use their computers for entertainment, then they do for their jobs. The computer does things faster, better, and more efficiently than any single device designed specifically for one specific purpose.

Replacing the Radio

The radio was once the focal point of people’s lives. It was where everyone listened to the newest music. People began their days by listening in to their favorite morning talk shows. There was a radio in every home, and you could often see people carrying portable radios with them. You no longer need a radio to enjoy your favorite stations; all you need is a computer.

Now, with the rise of companies like Pandora, iheartradio, and Spotify listening to the radio is easier than ever. All of your favorite local stations can be enjoyed right from your computer through your cable internet connection.

Also, thanks to the internet, now local stations in Seattle can have listeners in New York. Internet radio breaks down distance barriers, and helps connect people to stations that they may have never even known existed. You can even create your own ‘stations’ that are customized to play the types of songs you like, without all of the music you don’t.

Turning Off the Television

The computer is even changing the way we watch TV. Once you had to watch your favorite programs in your living room. You needed to find your remote, and be home to watch an actual television set. Now, you can find almost all of your favorite shows, right on your computer, through your cable internet connection.

This is changing not only the way we watch TV; it is changing the way the networks determine how popular a show is. The show House might get horrible ratings on the date and time an episode aired, but sites like Hulu will show that the next day that show was one of their most popular shows.

There are lots of great places to watch TV online without having to DVR your favorite shows. Some of the most popular places to watch TV online are Hulu, Sling, TVChannelsFree, and TidalTV.

I was even able to watch my favorite new HBO show, A Game of Thrones right on my computer using HBO GO. It aired during a time that I had something to do. I very rarely have the luxury of sitting in front of my TV, but I am almost always in front of my computer. So, I got to watch it in the morning after it aired right on my computer, while I was enjoying my morning coffee.

The Future of Gaming

Soon you will no longer need a Playstation, or an Xbox to enjoy all of your favorite games. Now you can bring your favorite games to life right on your computer. Although, the technology is new, and only a few games are currently available, things are moving fast. Every week more titles to Xbox and Playstation’s online libraries. Right now you can use Xbox LIVE to download and play many of your favorite games right to your computer. The days of going to the store to pick up a new game may soon be history.

You do not even need a TV for a display, or to even own a gaming system. Right now you can go to Xbox live, sign-up for free, and browse there incredible amount of games available right now on your computer. You can even play a demo or two for free!

Beyond Your Computer

There may be a time where even the computer gets left behind. Tablet PCs like the Apple iPad are changing the way we get our daily dose of entertainment as well. Now for the first time ever you can own an iPad, and not have to own a computer to sync it to. You will get full functionality out of your tablet device and never have the need to hook it up to the computer. This is a powerful step forward and many of the features above are already available on your tablet PC or possibly even on your smartphone.

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find cable internet providers and compare which one is best for you. When Ruben is not writing he’s producing or composing music for short films or other visual arts.

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  2. Joseph Hall says:

    One machine that ‘did all’ would be amazing, Apple seem to be closest with the iPhone and iPad – I would be lost without both!

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