by George Heymann

Game Insight’s My Country maintains top position in App Store

by A. Montaqim

Technology Market

Game Insight, one of the world’s leaders in mobile and social games making, announced today that their iPad version of the game “My Country” has maintained the #1 position in Top Grossing Games apps for iPad and earned over $300,000 during the first two and a half weeks of being live in the AppStore. “My Country” has repeated the success for its Android twin-sister, which has also kept top position in the Top Grossing list for over 2 months.

With “My Country”, Game Insight continues to dominate the free-to-play mobile games market by reaching #1 position once more on the top grossing app chart. Though “My Country” had to compete for its place as #1 against other popular games for iPad, the top was achieved by earning over $300,000 during the first two and a half weeks of being live.

Game Insight prides itself for the achievements of the past several weeks, despite the fact that the success of “My Country” did not come as a surprise. Game Insight is confident in their creation of another worthy game that brings city-building games to the next level of user entertainment.

After the great success of “Paradise Island” in the market of mobile games, it was crucially important for the developer to retain players’ trust of Game Insight as a brand. With the release of “My Country”, Game Insight tops the Top Grossing Games for iPad chart in the US and Russian AppStores and possesses a user-base of over 500,000.

“My Country” continues the “Freemium” monetization policy chosen by Game Insight. The policy stands for providing premium quality mobile gaming to every user absolutely free of charge. “My Country” is a highly entertaining game with bright 3D graphics, true-to-life gameplay and a huge number of challenging quests.

“My Country” was developed by one of Game Insight’s development studios innoWate and is available for download at the Apple AppStore. More information can be found at

Game Insight is one of the leading social and mobile gaming companies with a strong representation in global market. Significant results of its business activity over a little more than a year include 17 successful social titles released on more than 20 of the world’s largest social networks and 6 mobile titles, which are in the top charts on iOS and Android.

Game Insight established a perfect business environment for 12 game development studios and more than 200 highly skilled game creators. Recent numbers show that Game Insight is one of the very few companies with significant and exceptional experience in the “free-to-play” realm of social and mobile gaming.


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