by George Heymann

Google updates OnTheFly to version 1.2, promises to simplify your trip planning.

by George Heymann

ITA Software’s, OnTheFly airfare shopping mobile app by Google has just been updated to version 1.2 with versions available for Android, and iPhone.

OnTheFly makes it easy to compare fares across airlines, dates as well as alternate cities and airports. It’s actually faster and more convenient to check fares on my mobile than it is to do the same task on the web. Just input your origin and destination, click your preferred airports (the app recognizes airport code abbreviations) and the date range of when you prefer to travel. The choices narrow as you input your information almost if its reading your mind. A couple of clicks, and you can start packing!

OnTheFly Product Manager, Stefan Frank explains “One of the new features in v1.2 is flexible date search, which enables you to browse 35 days of potential departure dates on a calendar combined with an interactive “temperature” graph.

You can also save and access search history now, including particular itineraries of interest. We’ll even check price changes for those itineraries so you can know the best time to plan that dream trip.”

The application has an average 4.5/5 star rating, the most requested features which remain unavailable on the mobile app is the inclusion of budget fair carriers, the monthly web calendar of low fares between a city pair and the ability to book the fares directly from within the app.

If you haven’t already tried OnTheFly, you can download it for free from Android Market or the App Store. OnTheFly for use with BlackBerry (OS 4.6+) can be accessed at


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