by George Heymann

VMware extends enterprise social and Cloud-based applications to iPad and Android

by John Roberts

Technology Market

Advancing its vision for the future of applications in the post-PC Era, VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today announced new iPad and updated Android applications from SlideRocket and Socialcast that will help modern businesses empower a more agile, productive and connected enterprise.

“Modern business users are looking for more effective ways to connect to their applications and share information with their co-workers, partners and customers on mobile platforms,” said Brian Byun, vice president and general manager, Cloud Applications, VMware. “SlideRocket and Socialcast will enable this new, more connected way to work in the post-PC era.”

Enterprises are increasingly embracing the iPad and other mobile devices as crucial business tools. According to Apple’s latest earnings report, 86 percent of the Fortune 500 are deploying or testing iPads, up from 75 percent last quarter. SlideRocket and Socialcast mobile applications address an essential need to equip the connected enterprise with user-centric communication and collaboration tools that enhance business outcomes.

Smart Presentations for Mobile Professionals

SlideRocket transforms presentations to better fit the needs of today’s enterprise with enhanced graphic capabilities, analytics and viewing patterns, real-time feedback, social media integration, and mobile functionality that drive deeper levels of engagement, audience participation and retention. With the new, free SlideRocket Player iPad app, users can share engaging presentations, whether presenting to an audience across the table or across the globe. People can also invite someone to view a presentation from a simple link. Available today, the new iPad app enables users to download a SlideRocket or PowerPoint presentation that can be shared anytime, anywhere – offline or online.

The addition of the SlideRocket Player provides iPad users with a rich presentation tool that helps on-the-go professionals make a bigger impact with clients and prospects. Download the SlideRocket Player iPad app today.

Enterprise Social for the Connected Enterprise

Available in the coming weeks, the new Socialcast iPad and updated Android app enables people to access their Socialcast community while on the road. Employees will be able to collaborate with co-workers from anywhere – posting updates, sharing files and connecting on important work projects.  In addition, Socialcast will support secure login via OAuth 2.0.  With OAuth 2.0, Socialcast will enable an easy and secure way for organizations to extend the desktop experience to mobile devices, and other websites with the confidence their personal information can remain secure.


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  1. I\’m planning to buy a WiFi only Honeycomb tablet(say xoom or acer a500). But I don\’t have any wifi router now, though I\’m planning to buy one later. So, for the moment, how can I download android apps from the android market and install it to my android device?

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