by George Heymann

Inexpensive extended aftermarket battery provides surprising performance

by George Heymann


After hearing and reading about various aftermarket battery horror stories, I’ve generally steered clear of these bargain basement offerings. Recently I ran across a battery thread on xda developers regarding an extended 3500 mAh aftermarket battery for the Optimus 2X / T-Mobile G2X. The extended battery is also available for various other models.

The bargain priced Chinese extended battery is available on Ebay for as little $13.89 shipped. I followed the thread with interest for several weeks and after receiving generally positive reviews from users, I relented and ordered one.

I’ve been using the extended battery for a few days now and have been very pleased with its performance in comparison with the OEM 1500 mAh battery. My device usage varies but on most days with the OEM battery I’m scrambling for the charger by 5PM. I haven’t changed my usage pattern with the extended battery my phone has managed to stay between 65-75% charge at the end of the work day.

Are you willing to give up the relatively svelte lines of the Optimus 2X/G2X for the increased performance of the extended battery? Although the cover fits well, its boxy design detracts from the look of the device. The extended battery and cover almost doubles the thickness of the device where the back juts out to accommodate the size of the extended battery. A bonus to the oversize battery cover is that it will now sit up without the need for a stand when placed on its side on a level surface.

I don’t mind the extra size and weight of the phone with the extended battery installed as much as I though I would. There may be times were I know I won’t be away from a charger and choose to use the OEM battery and cover. However, for everyday use I will continue to use the extended battery and cover. The trade-off of size vs. performance is definitely worth it for me.

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