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Samsung Galaxy S II beats iPhone sales, retains mobile crown

By John Roberts

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Samsung Galaxy S II keeps the top spot in June on uSwitch comparison site as the UK’s most popular handset HTC handsets continue to dominate the chart with six of the top 10 positions Android still rules the operators – Google powers eight of the top 10 handsets.

Samsung has kept HTC and Apple at bay in the mobile manufacturer war with its Galaxy S II handset retaining the top spot in June, according to the latest data from independent price comparison and switching service,

The Mobile Tracker, which ranks the most popular phones based on live searches and sales, shows that

Galaxy S II sells record 3 million units in first 55 days. No official U.S. Release date announced.

despite Samsung keeping its crown, HTC continues to dominate the top 10 with six different models including the original Wildfire and Desire handsets. Meanwhile, Google‘s Android operating system continues to power 80% of the top 10 handsets.

Number one handset for June 2011 – The Samsung Galaxy S II has stayed on for another month as the nation’s number one phone. This slender and swift smartphone shot up the rankings as soon as it became available on 1st May, gaining both market share and an influx of Editor’s Choice awards.

Biggest climber – Two handsets have jumped up four places this month with the HTC Sensation and Blackberry Curve 8520 both proving popular with buyers. The versatile Sensation – HTC‟s first dual-core device – has sprung back up the charts following some minor price cuts. Meanwhile the evergreen Curve 8520 remains as appealing to Pay As You Go users as to those on a contract, with robust messaging functionality and a great design at an affordable price point.

Biggest faller – The HTC De

The Samsung Galaxy SII has outsold the iPhone in the UK for two consecutive months

sire HD moves six places down the chart to number ten, largely as a result of discounts to the original Desire and Wildfire – both now available for free with contracts starting from just £10 a month.

Ernest Doku, technology expert at, comments: “The powerful and flexible Samsung Galaxy S II remains on top as networks and retailers continue to offer a number of strong mobile deals.

“Samsung can’t rest on its laurels though. The influx of feature-rich phones like the HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D, both introducing a unique glasses-free 3D viewing experience, could seriously shake things up this summer. We’re also expecting a number of new BlackBerry handsets and of course can’t ignore the enduring rumours of a fifth model of Apple‘s iPhone on the horizon.”

Handset Powered by Movement
1    Samsung Galaxy S II – Android
2    Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) – Apple
3    HTC Sensation – Android
4    HTC Desire – Android
5    Blackberry Curve 8520 – RIM
6    Samsung Galaxy S – Android
7    HTC Wildfire – Android
8    HTC Wildfire S – Android
9    HTC Desire S – Android
10    HTC Desire HD – Android

Top 10 handsets (tracked by live sales and searches on – correct as at 27th June 2011


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2 Responses

  1. Samsung is playing best on the platform of android. Android has given courage and power to many companies to come and merge their skills with the world class OS and some names including Ozitechnology and motorola has played well too.

  2. Alex says:

    Even if the Samsung Galaxy S II beats iPhone sales, I highly doubt that the next Samsung phones will beat the iphone 4S sales wich were insanely high. Keep us updated about new Samsung phones release!

    Alex ,

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