by George Heymann

Beginning of the end for printed phone directories?

by George Heymann

The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) granted Verizons request yesterday to end the automatic delivery of printed residential white page listings to customers in the state. Verizon intends to provide customers with an online, electronic version of the white pages residential listings.

Customers will still be able to request a free printed version of the directory. Business and government white pages as well as business yellow pages will continue to be delivered.

Verizon made the request in October 2010 noting that significant resources were being expended annually to print and distribute directories automatically to customers who may not want or use them.

According to Tim McCallion, president of Verizon’s West region “The PUC’s decision to allow Verizon to end the automatic delivery of residential white pages listings is good news for California consumers and the environment.  People who don’t use the residential white pages listings will not get a Verizon directory they don’t necessarily want, and those who do use the listings will be able to get them easily online or by asking for a print or CD-ROM version.”

I haven’t used a printed phone directory in years, even though I receive one every year, sometimes several copies from competing phone directory publishers. I can find phone number listings much quicker on my phone or PC.

I do appreciate the fact that consumers that prefer a printed directory can still request one. What do you think of the decision? Do you still use a printed phone directory?


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  1. Panama corporation says:

    …………………Cincinnati Bell has launched the online white pages providing the most accurate complete and current directory listings for Greater Cincinnati residences and businesses. ….In addition to improving accessibility and accuracy Cincinnati Bell believes making White Pages information available online will help reduce waste because it eliminates the need to automatically deliver printed copies to customers who may not want or use them…..The Cincinnati Bell Online White Pages contains all of the same directory listings that appear in the printed edition.

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