by George Heymann

Best Buy launching a new “Bill Checker” service to help customers save on wireless.

by George Heymann

Best Buy has partnered with Validas, a service company that specializes in analyzing wireless costs, to launch its “Best Buy Bill Checker” service to help customers lower their wireless bills.

The Best Buy Bill checker service analyzes wireless bills for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile cellular customers, identifying and addressing potential savings. Smartphone users can text “Billchecker” to 71700 to receive a link to the service directly accessible from their device. Consumers can also access Best Buy Bill Checker online at .

In order to utilize the service you will need the latest copy of your wireless bill. You can either upload a PDF copy or directly import an online copy of the cell bill to the Best Buy Bill Checker. It will then analyze your plan options against other available options from all of the supported cellular providers. The free version of the report will determine the amount of possible savings if any. The paid version of the report also includes recommended wireless plan changes to your existing service to achieve the projected savings, which the service emails directly to the carrier to implement.

“We’re excited to be moving forward with the Best Buy partnership,” said Validas CEO Tom Pepe. “Our patented technology simplifies buying a cell phone by using the facts from the bill to determine the best plan and features. Instantly arming the Blue Shirt with knowledge about the client walking in the store gives Best Buy a competitive advantage, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.”

Plan pricing starts at $4.99 for a single use with multi-use package discounts. For businesses with over six lines, Best Buy Bill Checker costs $2.50 per line.


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