by George Heymann

The mighty Thor offers otherworldly fun

by Justin Morenz

If your looking for a Shakespearean masterpiece, then go read Shakespeare — if you don’t fall asleep first. But if your looking for some action-packed Super Hero fun, Thor delivers.

Chris Hemsworth is as close an earthly specimen you’ll find to live up to the God of Thunder (not an easy task). He’s big, ripped, arrogant and yet in his role as Odin’s son, he emotes a certain warmth and charisma.
I found Hemsworth’s version of Thor to radiate more personality than said Marvel comic book titles. This is in direct opposition to the Spider Man movies where the cartoon Spidey exudes much more wit and sarcasm than his on-screen persona, Toby Maguire.

As Nordic Gods do, Thor lives in the mythical city of Asgard which lies beyond our solar system. The special effects here are grand, but the intimacy of this world seems lost. Where are all the restaurants, houses, parks and farmers? Ahh, who cares — on with the show.
Look, up on the screen. . . It’s Queen Amidala. . . no, it’s V for Vapid. . . no, wait, it’s Natalie Portman in yet another unmemorable role.
Enter Thor’s mischievous sibling Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who’s always out to spoil his big brother’s fun. He has a bad case of the “Odin (Anthony Hopkins) always loved you best” syndrome and as such, whines a lot.
Somehow, the script misplaced the sinister, all-powerful persona granted to Loki in the comic books. So, if Thor were to just bash him into oblivion with a blow of his mighty hammer, nobody would would really care. In fact, it’d be a win-win for the movie and the movie-goer.
Despite hokey Loki and The Invisible Girl . . . errrr, I mean Natalie Portman, Thor is journey into an entertaining realm and worth the watch. After all, it is a comic book adaptation, so how mighty is it supposed to be?


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