by George Heymann

Gamelofts very user unfriendly Android Game Policy

by George Heymann

According to Gameloft policy, “If you buy a game, you can re-download it to the same phone with the same phone number within 3 years of your purchase. If the phone model or number was changed by the customer’s own initiative, Gameloft has the right to refuse re-sending the game.” Updated 04/22/11

Let me start by saying that until very recently, I’ve been a huge Gameloft fan. Gameloft makes great games. I have purchased a large number of their titles across various hardware platforms.

I understand why I have to repurchase a game when I want to play it on another platform. There are separate development cost involved for each title so I can justify the charge — although I’ve always wished developers would give a discount for users who purchase the same title across various platforms, but that is another issue.

I recently contacted Gameloft’s support department regarding re-installing Android games purchased from their Website, on my new Android phone. The staff are refusing to allow me to re-install the games I had purchased, despite me sending them copies of my Paypal receipts for the purchases.

Luckily, my purchases from the Android Market and from Apple App Store are protected. In those cases, the software was transferred to my new device once I logged into my account. Unfortunately, the majority of Gameloft’s Android catalog is not available on the Android Market and must be purchased directly from Gameloft.

Until they change their policy, I’m recommending that Android users only purchase titles they can purchase directly from the Android Market or risk losing their investment in software purchases when upgrading their devices or even changing phone numbers.

I also urge everyone to contact Gameloft directly — urging them to change their policy.

A copy of the letters are below unedited except where I’ve deleted out the receipt transaction ids


Unfortunately, you can not get the games back on your new phone. According to Gameloft policy if you buy a game, you can re-download it to the same phone with the same phone number within 3 years of your purchase. If the phone model or number was changed by the customer’s own initiative, Gameloft has the right to refuse re-sending the game.

You can not re-download or transfer games which you bought on your old phone (HTC My Touch 4G) to the new phone (LG G2X), because we produce each game-build for one particular phone to ensure the best quality and to prevent piracy. If you want to have games on your new phone, I’m afraid you will have to buy them again.

Sorry for the inconveniences. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Nam Luu Hoang

Customer Care Agent


I just purchased a new Android phone and want to use all the software I previously purchased on my new phone. Old Phone HTC My Touch 4G. New phone LG G2X.

I was able to re-download the Gameloft titles that I purchased from the Android Market to my new phone but couldn’t do so for the titles purchased directly from your website.

Software Titles purchased directly from your website:

  • The Oregon Trail HD
  • N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD
  • Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD
  • Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction™HD
  • UNO™ HD
Today I called the Gameloft toll free number 1-800-910-3186 as suggested by Dave Loft. At first the customer service representative simply repeated the company line about not allowing users who change their device and or phone number to re-download applications that they paid for.But I railed and insisted the he provide the software I paid for. I was courteous but insistent and after a lot of back and forth he finally relented. Good for me but unfortunately that  doesn’t change the horrible Gameloft policy. Until they do I will no longer purchase any software directly from Gameloft. Customers shouldn’t have to plead to use software they have already paid for. I continue to urge readers to contact Gameloft at support@gameloft or call them and encourage them to change this ridiculous policy that turns Gameloft customers into detractors.
Thank You for helping us spread the word: Android Police , Android Guys, Android Spin.

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