by George Heymann

Cloud Girlfriend : The Social Network Girlfriend

by George Heymann

When I first saw links to “Cloud Girlfriend” I thought it was a remnant of some elaborate April Fools joke. The landing page is sign-up page for an imaginary internet girlfriend of your own creation that you interact with through the various social networks.

The site is powered by LaunchRock a site that is meant to help launch start up companies but has recently been used to introduce other fictional endeavors.

Cloud Girlfriend suggest 4 easy steps to a relationship with your perfect girl.

  1. Define your perfect girlfriend
  2. We bring her into existence
  3. Connect and interact with her publicly on your social network
  4. Enjoy a public long distance relationship

Let me suggest 4 better ways to meet and have a relationship with a real girl.

  1. Get off the couch
  2. Video game < 40hrs. per week
  3. When you are with someone talk/text less and listen more
  4. Have a real life, non-simulated experience with a real girl

I’m still hopeful that this is joke, If it isn’t I guess the joke is on me after all.


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One Response

  1. adamsmith709 says:

    Thanks for sharing the information. Well I do need to follow the advice of talking less and listening more. Hope it works. Cheers!!

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