by George Heymann

Oscar Backstage Pass for iOS

by George Heymann

Oscar Backstage Pass was an interesting live television experiment by ABC Digital.

The .99 cent iOS app presented a preview of the Oscars with both pre-recorded and live interviews, behind-the-scenes coverage of the event and clips of many of the nominated movies.

For me, the most interesting aspect of the application centered on the live event. Once the event went live, the home screen changed to a map view: first of the red carpet area and then inside of the theater as seen through 9 user-selected cameras. (Not all cameras were live all of the time.)

Once the awards were presented, it was nice to be able to follow the winners backstage — especially those in the less notable categories who were rushed off the stage during the network coverage.

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If you missed the coverage, you can now download Oscar Backstage Pass for free and view video highlights from the 2011 Oscars. You can watch highlights from the ceremony on stage and behind the scenes, as well as the post-Oscar celebrations at the Governor’s Ball.

The Oscar Backstage Pass experience wasn’t perfect. Overall, video coverage was pretty decent with a good WiFi connection. My WiFi coverage was spotty at times due to intermittent Internet problems but that was no fault of the app. Audio coverage, however, was spotty, with some areas having no audio broadcast.

I would like to see more apps like this developed for other TV shows and sporting events. Imagine watching a Superbowl in which you could choose the camera angles, instant replays, or listen in to the coaches chatter with players during the game. It would provide a degree of interaction that has been up till now impossible to achieve.

Overall Oscar Backstage Pass was a notable first effort!


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3 Responses

  1. Kenny says:

    once the oscars went live my app stopped working throughout the whole show & i had an excellent wi-fi signal good thing it only cost 99 cents although it wasn’t worth that.

  2. gheymann says:


    I’m not sure what caused your problems. My experience with the app overall was pretty good despite intermittent internet problems.

  3. blackberry storm says:

    i am glad i noticed this web site on yahoo.

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