by George Heymann

9 Responses

  1. WXSP says:

    interesting post, pretty much covered it all for me, thanks.

  2. PR says:

    Fantastic forum.

  3. FREB says:

    I’ll upload backlink – bookmark this web site

  4. RE429 says:

    Not easy to say thank you, me english not so well – but these really good. Good read to practice English.

  5. kyle says:

    yeah nice

  6. SKaufman says:

    I emailed but they haven’t responded. It’s been a couple days and I really want an answer. I remotely installed plan b on my daughter’s phone. It is lost. It gave me an address. I went to that address. I need to run it again. I have had three other people text locate to her phone and it is not restarting. I know the phone is on and it is locked so the person can’t possible uninstall it. AND you cannot uninstall/reinstall it without having the phone so…. Please help!

  7. gheymann says:

    Hi Skaufman

    I’m sorry to hear that your daughter has lost her phone. From reading your note above It appears that you’ve done everything right. When I tested Plan B it worked as advertised as you can see by the sample map I posted in my article above.

    You’ve already tried the suggestions listed by lookout labs with their app, I’m not sure why Plan B is not working for you. Hopefully Lookout Labs support will get back with you with some additional steps.

    Best of luck recovering her phone and thanks for stopping by .

  8. rohit says:

    if someone steal my mobile and he ll master reset it and use his gmail that situation will Plan B work for me.

    • gheymann says:

      Plan B can be installed after a device is lost or stolen. But once a device is hard-reset, or in the case of a GSM phone the sim card is replaced, Plan B will not be an effective solution. There are several options that can survive a hard reset or sim card swap but they must be installed on the phone prior to being lost or stolen and in some cases require the phone be rooted.

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