by George Heymann

Pinball Deluxe by GreenCod for Android

by George Heymann

Pinball Deluxe is a free Android application developed by GreenCod. It features three different pinball tables: Carnival, Space and Underwater, each with its unique style. Additional tables are promised later.

The game graphics have been designed to display properly from 240 x 320 up to 600 x 1024 on Android 2.1 or later. That should allow for an optimized experience across a wide range of devices.

GreenCod claims that all of the pinball elements — nudges, ball captures, multi-balls, and mini-games — have been incorporated into Pinball Deluxe.
I prefer to get my pinball fix on the vintage arcade machines of my youth. The 60s and 70s tables became almost an extension of our bodies. You had to learn each table to get a feel for just how hard you could bump and smack each part of the cabinet until you were rewarded with the satisfying “pop” indicating another free game.

My prejudice for physical tables aside, GreenCod has done a nice job with the screens and the gameplay; the flippers are a bit sluggish at times for my liking but overall, a fun pinball game experience.

The game is designed so you can play it for a few minutes at a time. The game automatically pauses when you swap away to another application and lets you resume where you left off when you come back to it — perfect for the casual gamer.

The Android Market reviews have been favorable, earning a 4.5+ star rating since its introduction. It’s a free download;check it out.


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  1. Maneesh says:

    I have been using the android applications from almost an year, Android is a very flexible OS.

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