by George Heymann

Find and reserve redbox movies nearby with this official Android app, built by redbox!

by George Heymann

The official Android redbox app is now available in the Android Market. The redbox app lets you browse and reserve movies, plus find the nearest redbox kiosk with maps from wherever you are. You can see what movies are available, including specific movies at selected kiosks. That way, you will know what is available where at any given time.

Select a movie you wish to rent, then reserve the movie for pickup. Once you arrive at the designated kiosk, touch the “Online Reservation Pickup,” swipe your credit card and you’re ready to go.

I haven’t yet bought into the redbox ecosystem but they have been popping up seemingly everywhere — like phone booths in the 70s. Redbox is just becoming too convenient to ignore. I downloaded the Android app and I can see a glimpse of my future — it looks like it has a shiny “red box” in it. If you are a new redbox customer you can earn a free redbox rental by reserving a movie through  our referral link.

Besides DVD and Blu-ray movies starting at $1, redbox offers game rentals for Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 3 and Playstation 2 at selected kiosks.

The redbox app has recently been updated to V1.1. The update reportedly resolves the app exit bug when using the back button.

There is also an official version of the redbox application available for iOS in the Apple App Store. The iOS version was recently updated to V2.0.1 which fixes a GPS issue, a crashing issue with older versions of iOS (3.0 through 3.13) and adds retina display support.


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