by George Heymann

The Art Project powered by Google

by George Heymann

If I told you that you could take an all expense paid tour of some of the world’s most prestigious art museums, would you go?

Welcome to the Art Project, powered by Google. Google, in collaboration with its art museum partners, is enabling people to view, in high resolution and in several interesting ways, more than a thousand pieces of art.

You can choose to take a first-person tour of the partner museums that offers a 360-degree perspective into the space, and artwork, you’re exploring. This first option uses Google Street View technology, which is the same technology used in Google Maps.

There also is an Artwork view that lets you explore the artwork individually, in high-resolution, with multiple zoom levels for an extraordinary detailed look at each piece.

You also can choose to create your own collection and save specific views from any of the partner museums. Thus, you can create your own private collection of some of the world’s greatest art. You can add comments to your collection and can share both the collection and comments with friends, family or anyone in your social circle.

Regardless of the way you choose to explore and view the museums, there are panels with additional information for you to discover and enjoy.

All of the images on display are copyright protected. Unfortunately, some of the paintings and features in the Street View mode were required to be blurred by the museum because of copyright restrictions.

Google also provides audio tours produced by the museums and a couple of YouTube videos to help visitors. The first is the official “Art Project” visitors guide, which offers suggestions on how to explore the site and makes navigation of the extensive artwork less daunting for the average user. The other You Tube video offers a short behind-the-scenes look at many of the partner museums.

For now, the following museums are included in the project:

Googles visitors guides invites you to “Take a trip around the worlds greatest museums and discover the masters.” Sage advice that I intend to follow; how about you?


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