by George Heymann

T-Mobile Froyo update not OTA but via Samsung Kies mini software (available now)

By George Heymann

The Samsung Vibrant update that was announced by T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer Cole Brodman on January 20 was reportedly to begin rolling out on January 21. Brodman had previously stated that ” The upgrade will come in waves, so not all Vibrant owners will receive it on the first day”, implying an OTA update.  Download links after the break.

A follow up post on the the T-mobile forums last edited on the January 21st contradicts the earlier report stating that the the update is “not” being sent OTA. Instead users will have to download the Samsung “Kies mini software” manually to update their systems.

This is not good news as several users (myself included) have had problems with the Kies mini software. The software is PC only (No Mac support available) and apparently has issues with the 64-bit version of Windows.

T-mobile has posted a step-by step guide on how to upgrade your phone using the Samsung Kies mini software. I hope T-mobile will reconsider their decision and push the update OTA. You can download the Kies mini software here.

Update 012611

I wanted to post an update with my upgrade experience using the Samsung Kies mini software, As I have stated previously there is an issue with the Kies mini software with the 64-bit version of Windows. Unfortunately all of my Windows machines run 64-bit Windows 7. I ended up dusting off an old netbook running Windows XP and after several attempts was able to successfully download the binary within the Kies mini software and upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S to Froyo 2.2 .

Can you tell I hate the Samsung Kies mini software? I don’t have a problem with manually upgrading my phones but Samsung please upgrade your software so it works correctly with a modern Windows PC.

I don’t consider myself an Apple enthusiast, but why after all of this time is Apple the only company that has device updates right?


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  1. Harmony says:

    Huge lover of the page, quite a few your blog posts have definitely helped me out. Looking towards news!

  2. cichodajki says:

    I spent last 3 hours reading your posts!

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