by George Heymann

Latest SuperOneClick released provides 1-click root/unroot for most Android handsets!

by George Heymann

A senior Xda-developer member continues to improve his excellent Android app SuperOneClick. The latest version (2.1.1) provides a one-click root/unroot that works on most Android handsets/OS versions. (Download links and revision history after the break.)

You MUST put your phone in USB debugging mode and make sure you DO NOT mount your SD card. Go to “settings>applications>development” to select “USB debugging.” You can download a copy of the latest version of SuperOneClick from XDA-developers here. You must register on the XDA site in order to download the file.

Version changes:

Driver Installation Fix
Force Administrator on Vista/Win7
Fixed Non-Market Apps not working for some devices
GingerBreak support! (I think)

Bug fixes!
Should work better now on XP systems and Linux

Automatic driver installation
Removed RageAgainstTheCage (no virus flags)
New folder structure
Major code clean up

Hopefully fixed Linux hangs
Theoretical honeycomb support (still needs testing)

Fixed major bug. Oops!

Installs busybox to /system/xbin and installs syslinks
Added a 30 second timeout check (should eliminate all lock ups)

Mounts with busybox first
Includes version in first line

Fixed wrong su version being sent
Fixed issue when getting OS version
Prints device info on failure.

Falls back to previous mount path method if busybox method fails

Uses psneuter for exploit instead of rageagainstthecage by default (should root Sony Ericsson devices easily now)
Added detection for 1.x Donut/Eclair kernels
Uses busybox for getting mount path
Updated Windows ADB to latest version (I’ll update the Mac/Linux ones next build)

Unroot uninstalls Superuser from /data/app
Returned installation of Superuser to /system/app

Fixed superuser install issue
Added a prompt to tell you to allow superuser on your phone, for the test.
Fixed unroot.

Fixed ADB-pushing problem

Administrative rights in Windows Vista/7 are automatically requested.
Fixed the settings.db search. (Tries default two locations, then uses busybox is all else fails).
Set Superuser to install (to data/apps) instead of copy to /system/apps. You can manually remove it from your phone like any other app. (You can also update it with the Market).
Fixed NMA not working if you didn’t have Shell Root

Untested Mac and Linux support (you need Mono)

Fixed Non Market Apps
Added Unroot
Added separate Shell Root (rageagainstthecage) button
Lots of internal code clean up.

Changed main form’s name to SuperOneClick from RageAgainstTheCageGUI
Enabled Captivate – Get Unlock Code button
Added a messagebox to confirm if Non Market Applications are enabled
Made “Enable Non Market Apps” FULLY universal
Added initial message telling you to remember to allow superuser commands (when enabling Non-Market Apps)

Removed busybox for space reasons. Changed the layout. Fixed issue where application stayed running in the background. Added Non Market App button.

Added a detection to see if RATC was already working.

Universal device support. Application now finds your /system path.

Initial release.

If you use the application and wish to donate to the developer “clshortfuse” there is a donate link embedded  within the app.

SuperOneClick uses the ADB exploit titled rageagainstthecage (RATC). For those who would like to get some background on the ADB exploit and how it works, take a look at for the details.


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  2. Frederic Perea says:

    I had to refresh the page times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

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