by George Heymann

Google voice app gets updated with widgets.

Google added widgets for its Voice application that adds fast access to the full Android App as well as one-click connection to four of its most common functions.

The Google Voice Inbox widget: Provides quick access to your most recent voicemails and text messages. You can swipe left and right within the widget to view your messages and then click to open it in the full Google Voice app.

The Google Voice Settings widget: (L-R) has four icons representing quick access to the widgets main features.

  1. Opens the full Google Voice app
  2. Quickly compose and send free text messages
  3. Change your Google Voice dialing preferences on the fly. You can alternate between four settings. Use Google Voice for all of your calls. Do not use Google Voice for calls. Use Google Voice for International calls only or ask for every call.
  4. A Do Not Disturb Toggle switch. When the switch is on, all calls to your Google number will be sent directly to voicemail. With the switch off phone returns to normal operation.

The service has steadily improved with each iteration. I’ve done several articles on the service and its improvements over the past four months. I recently highlighted the Gmail integration with Google Voice. It was also featured as one of our Top 10 mobile apps here, and a follow-up on subsequent releases of Google Voice here.


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  1. jim says:

    this is awesome man

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